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1. A woman who voice is sweet while talking is the best.

2. Women with voice like a nightingale are fortunate.

3. Women with voice like a peacock marry a rich husband.

4. Woman with crack like voice is unhappy.

a. Woman with a harsh voice is unhappy.

Special facts (for women)

1. Woman with long and black retina are the best.

2. Woman with small and black eye-lashes are fortunate.

3. Woman with deer like eyes are lucky.

4. Round or eyes like a cat are difficult.

5. Woman with both yellow eyes are lustful

6. Woman whose both eyes have redness are one who wish for relation with other men

7. Woman whose eyes are moist are lucky.

8. A woman who stared with wide eyes are difficult

9. Women with eyes like men or eyes that are inside-set are bubbly.

10. A woman who while talking winks are Vyabhicharini

11. A woman who winks her right eye while talking are with less children

12. Woman with bow like eyebrow are considerer lucky

13. Woman with rough eye-brows are unlucky

14. Woman who has no eyebrows are poor.

15. Woman with thick eye-brows desire for other men

16. Woman with long eyebrow hairs are without children

17. Woman who has mole on her left cheek are considered best

18. Woman who has mole on her neck has son as her first child

19. Woman with beautiful nose is kind

20. Woman who has long and wide eyes, wide breast and thin waist gets fame in the society

21. Woman with long and thin fingers line long

22. Woman with three visible lines on neck are luxurious

23. Woman with long and fat lips cheat their husbands

24. Woman whose nose and lips have a blackishness don’t have a great character

25. Woman who drool whiles sleeping are characterless

26. Woman who gets dimples while laughing and whose eyes wander are vyabhicharini

27. Woman with extremely small mouth cheat their husband

28. Woman with very long mouth are poor

29. Woman who presses her teeth hard are without wealth

30. Woman with small eyes aren’t considered lucky

31. Woman whose head is round and even live long

32. Woman with 4 lines on the forehead are fortunate

33. Woman with 3 lines on the forehead live long

34. Woman with one line isn’t lucky

35. Woman whose feet are smooth, soft and even bear happiness

36. Woman with rough and hard feet are unfortunate

37. Woman who makes sound while walking are fool

38. Woman who has a shell, lotus, flag or a fish mark on her feet marry a rich husband

39. A woman who has a complete urdhav line in her feet enjoy complete indulgence

40. A woman whose feet thumb is fleshy and round are indulgent

41. If the thumb is flat and crooked, she ruins fortune

42. If a woman’s feet thumb is long, she is unfortunate

43. A woman whose feet toes are soft and joint, she achieves good results

44. Woman whose toes are long are characterless

45. If the toes are thin, then she is poor

46. Women with crooked toes are difficult

47. Women with flat toes live a life like a servant

48. If there is space between the toes, then she is poor

49. Woman who while walking raises dust, she is characterless and infamous

50. While walking if the smallest toe doesn’t touch the ground, she for sure keeps relation with other men

51. Woman whose two fingers don’t touch the ground cheat their husband

52. IF the upper part of the leg is smooth, soft and fleshy, then she is fortunate

53. IF the ankle are round, then she is lucky

54. If these ankles are lose at the lower side, then its an unfavorable sign

55. If the heels are broad, then it’s a unfortunate sign

56. Woman whose thighs are hairless, smooth and round, she’s equal to rajya-laxmi

57. Woman whose both knees are round and fleshy, she is wealthy

58. Women whose lower leg is like an elephant’s trunk is considered best.

59. Women who has lower legs with long hairs soon becomes a widow.

60. If the shoulder of woman isn’t dropping, it’s lucky

61. Women whose has skin disease on the lower leg are poor

62. A woman whose waist measures 24 fingers, she is considered best

63. Long and flat waist gives trouble

64. Woman with hairy waist is a widow

65. Women with wide hips are perverts and indulgents

66. If the hips are round, soft and fleshy, its considered best.

67. A woman whose belly-button is deep, with lines, she attains wealth

68. A woman whose belly-button is high and the centre is clearly visible, Such woman is  unfortunate.

69. A woman whose ribs are soft and fleshy, she is known to get happiness

70. A woman with hair on ribs is considered as bad natured

71. A woman with small stomach with soft skin is considered best

72. Woman with pot-like stomach is poor.

73. If the stomach is very broad, then she is unfortunate.

74. Woman with long stomach ruins her father-in-law or elder brother-in-law

75. A woman who has three hairs or three lines on her stomach is fortunate

76. Woman who has straight and thin hair, bears happiness

77. Woman whose hairline is crooked is a widow

78. Woman whose chest is without hair is lovable to her husband

79. Woman whose chest isn’t developed is heartless

80. 36 fingers wide chest is considered fortunate.

81. If the breast are hard, round and strong, its fortunate.

82. If the breasts are fat and dry, then they give problems

83. If the right breast of a woman is high, then she is fortunate

84. Woman who’s both breast are flat, she is a shame

85. A woman whose front part of the breast is black and round is considered good

86. A woman whose hansuli is fat, she lives a luxurious life

87. A woman with loose hansuli is poor

88. If the woman’s shoulders aren’t drooping, its fortunate.

89. If a woman’s shoulders are crooked, thick and with hair, then she’s a widow.

90. If they are drooping and strong, then she enjoys herself

91. If her arms are soft, straight and hairless, then its fortunate

92. If the arms are with hair, then she’s a widow.

93. Woman with short arms bear unhappiness

94. If the palms are red and without pores, then that’s fortunate

95. If the palms are with many nerves or lines, then she is poor

96. If the mails are red and risen, then its lucky

97. Yellow nails symbolizes poverty

98. White spots on the nails symbolizes shame

99. A woman whose back is drooping bears unhappiness

100. Woman with lots of hair on her back is a widow

101. A woman with straight sight is virtue-full

102. Woman whose sight is dropped down is a sinner

103. If both eyes are very near, then the woman is a cheat and with less brains

104. Woman whose eyes are very far-set is intelligent

105. If there’s a mole on the forehead, then she bears happiness entire life

106. If there’s a mole on the heart, then it’s a fortunate sign

107. Woman who has a mole on the right breast bears more girl child

108. If there’s a mole on the left breast, then she’s a widow

109. Woman who have a red mole on the front of the nose is lovable to husband

110. Woman who has a black mole on the front part of the nose is characterless

111. Who has a mole under the belly-button, that’s fortunate

112. Woman who has mole on the left hand is fortunate

113. Woman who has mole on her cheek, lips, hand, ear or neck, she bears happiness entire  life

Practice Questions

1. What does a woman body with hair signify?

2. Write about Padmini woman

3. Write about any five types of women

4. Write about excellent women