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The Sun is generally in Libra from September 23 to October 24. The persons born during this sun sign are gentle, merciful and have an affectionate nature. They are open hearted and their passions are strong and honest. The natives have a keen sense of honour and justice and friends an acquaintances are likely to refer to them for arbitration, when a dispute arises. If they are appointed as judges they keep the scales even. They have a keen aesthetic sense and are fond of beauty and symmetry. Their judgements are good but at times they are found to be hesitant and indecisive. They are diplomatic and tactful.

Physically they do not appear to be strong and robust but they have the capacity to bear strain for a long time. They are at times hypochondriac and also worry about their health, even when no serious ailments exist. They are likely to suffer from diseases of the bowels, the bladder, kidneys, the lumber region and the spine.

They should avoid self indulgence in matters of sex and affection. These natives do not enter into bonds of matrimony, with the first person they like. They are inclined to make several attempts to find out whom to marry. They are affectionate by nature and make good friends and sometimes their friendship is mistaken as love by the members of the opposite sex.

Such people make money by brilliant marriages or by entering into partnership business. They are thoughtful to build up their finances step by step for the future and like to build up property by paying regular installments. They succeed well in professions of law, art, music, merchandise, mechanics and arts, or with those connected with wines, spirits and liquors, science and navigation.

Fortune smiles on the native towards middle age. But some important events connected with litigation in court may be a marked feature in his life. Either they suffer from the premature death of one of their parents and the surviving parent marrying a second time or their relations with their father are not very cordial.

He will have a few children, but they will be a source of worry and anxiety. The native born during this sun sign will achieve a good position in life due to assistance from his relatives. He will meet serious opposition in life from people in the fields of religion and law.

The only handicaps these people suffer are hesitation, weakness of will, extravagant expenditure and over fondness for pleasures. They can, by developing their will power rise far higher in life. In religious matters, they are more broad based and they want to follow the good and moral tenets of all religions and philosophies.

People born under Libra should marry persons born in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.