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Attached enough significance to the Alma Yogi. If the mount of Moon is developed-the mount of Sun and mount of Venus are also quite bulging and at the same time the Moon line goes towards the mount of Mercury then the person has Alma yogi traits in his hands.

The study of the Alma Yogi is a complicated one. The Alma Yogi on the palm of an individual is considered auspicious, according to the palmists. A person having Alma yogi is considered wise, clever and famous. Such a person is wholly successful economically. But whatever success or progresses he makes, it is by his own efforts. He goes abroad in his life on business tours. Such individuals are found to be materially successful. He also has relationship with other women and s also found to be materially happy in such relationships.

In nutshell, the individuals with Alma Yogi palm are considered fortunate by the palmists.