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The development of the forehead area is the symbol of Mental, Intellectual and Positive energy. The nose area symbolizes a person physical, Behavioral and Political nature. The face symbolizes the Organic, lust and mental wills of a person. A person who’s forehead and nose area is developed, he is intelligent, Knowledgeable, Thoughtful, Behaviorally cunning, brave and successful. A person whose face area is developed, he is serious, cunning, smart, spoilt, thinker, indulgent and person who recognizes situations, such persons are selfish. They don’t hesitate to resort to lies and injustice if required. If some person’s forehead area id more developed than his nose area, then such person is passionate, lustful, uncultured and violent. If the nose area is more developed than the face area, then such person is hasty, clear speaker, happy-go-lucky, Protector, and justice loving.

Face Structure

According to Samudrik Shastra, people with different face structure have different nature and quality. Mainly five structure have gain acceptance. 1) Square 2) Structure like a inverted pot
3) Vruttakaar 4) Surpakaar 5) Oval. If the face structure of a person is studies properly, then his nature and quality can be known.

1. Square Structure

People with square face structure are of earth element. If a square is drawn around such person’s face, then their face fits in the square completely. The square face people are physically healthy,
their body is fit, and have abundance energy. Such people are amiable, and business-oriented. Due to being more amiable, they enjoy worldly luxuries. If the earth element in a person with square structure is more, then there is high level of stubbornness, laziness, lustfulness and they suffer later now due to there actions. Such people aren’t easily influenced by others and neither do they easily change their principles.
The body of a woman with square structure is plump and heavy and their way of walking is slow and jaunty. Such women are doers, amiable and fun-loving, if there is high level of Earth element, then they are character-wise weak.


2. Structure like an inverted pot

If such people are observed carefully, it feels like a pot with a neck has been kept inverted on the body. Such people are affected by sky element, in other words it can be said they have high level of sky element. There is a marvelous glow on such people’s face and their eyes have special radiance. They are of ambitious, doing things their ways, self-respect, ideal thoughts, loners, radiant, spiritual and extra-ordinary nature. Such people succeed in their own work area and attain high positions. They prefer doing work for the betterment of the society.

3. Round Structure

People with round facial structure are affected by water element, if there is put in a around circle, then it fits in it completely. The cheeks of such people are full of flesh and smooth, their body is plump and stomach is long. Such people are imaginative, sensitive, dreamers, jovial, friendly, empathetic. People with such facial structure back out from hard work and prefer to rest more. If the water element is high in such people, then they run away from struggles and hard work and are pessimist.

Round structured women are adornment-loving, loyal to husband, bubbly, loving, generous. If the water element is high in such women then they’ll be weak, depressed and suffer from diseases.

4. Spatulate structure

People with spatulate faces have fire element. If their faces are fitted in a square, then there forehead will be broad but the area towards the chin will be narrow. In other words, it can be compared to an inverted bucket.

Because the upper part of the face is broad, such people will be healthy, brave, intelligent, far sighted, thinker, straightforward speaker, proud, leadership loving and stubborn. If these people get into an argument or debate, then they don’t back out coz they believe more in power. because of this nature such people perform both destructive and constructive works. If the fire element is high in such people, then they’ll have extreme anger and be of animalistic nature and perform violent acts

Spatulate structured women are independence-loving, and are talkative. Such women are less successful in their married life. The main reason for this is that they get angry on smallest of things. If they get an opportunity in job or political field, they are more successful

5. Oval structure

People with oval facial structures are affected by air element, their foreheads are gigantic. Their heights are normal, cheeks smooth and are impressive, they have beautiful eyes. Such people are merry, brave, optimist and one with logical talks. They always possess curiosity for knowledge. They walk on the path of success while searching for happiness and wishing for peace. If the lower part of the face is little backwards, then there’ll be an increase in wish for love, beauty, and lustfulness, sense for wasteful actions. If the forehead area is bit narrow (like an inverted egg), there will be less development of intelligence, such people will be of humorous, sarcasm loving, merry and ordinary nature. If there is high level of air element in the lower part of the face, then such people will be liers, unhealthy and cranky natured. Oval shaped women will be ordinary, and can prove good wives with little effort.

Practice questions

1.  According to Samudrik shastra, list the effects of Sun, Mercury and Saturn.

2. What is the effect of a mole on the right side of the face?

3. Write about oval structured person.