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1. If the mouth is small, its considered good

2. If the mouth is Spread out, then it symbolizes poverty.

3. I the mouth is broad, then its is unfortunate.


1. Small necked people are fortunate.l

2. Round and strong necked people are wealthy.

3. Shell-like necked people are kings

4. Bull like fat necked people are strong.

5. Buffalo like necked people have short life.

6. Long necked people are indulgent.

7. Crooked necked people are ones who complain about others.

8. Long and flat necked people are unhappy.

9. Necks without flesh symbolize poverty.

10. Four-fingers long necks is considered the best and the area of the neck should be 24 to 26 fingers.

11. Neck with big bones symbolizes poverty.

12. If the Adam/s apple of the neck is high, then its fortunate.

13. Beautiful neck with flesh is considered best.

14. woman with three lines on the neck are rich.

15. A woman whose bones show on the neck are unfortunate.

16. woman with fat neck are widows.

17. IF the nerves show on neck, it symbolizes poverty.

18. A woman whose neck is very long, she ruins her own family.

19. If a woman’s neck is beautiful, 4 fingers long, it is considered best


1. If the chin is fleshy and round, then the person is rich.

2. Long, thin and weak chin symbolizes poverty.

3. If the jaws are round, then they are considered fortunate.

4. If the front part of the chin is smooth and beautiful, then its fortunate.

5. If there’s redness in the front part of the chin, then its unfortunate.

6. If the woman’s chin is of two fingers, fleshy and beautiful, then the woman is considered      fortunate.

7. A woman with mark of ram on the chin is considered ad characterless.


1. If the cheeks are chubby, the person is happy.

2. Fleshy cheeks symbolizes indulgence

3. A person whose cheeks are developed like those of a lion, he is a king.

4. Fleshless sucked in cheeks are of unhappy people.

5. Chubby cheeked person is a Minister.

6. Clean and beautiful cheeked women are considered best.

7. Woman with some problems on their cheeks are unhappy.

8. If the nerves don’t show on the cheeks, then such a woman is considered as Goddess.

9. A woman whose cheeks are with dimples, she is indulgent woman.


1. Person with red lips are rich.

2. Persons with pink lips are intelligent.

3. Person with fat lips are Dharmatma.

4. People with long lips are indulgent.

5. people with uneven lips are unhappy.

6. Dry and glow less lips symbolize poverty.

7. A woman with red and smooth lips is considered best.

8. If there’s a lip visible in middle of the lip, that person is fortunate.

9. Person whose lips aren’t straight are unfortunate.

10. Woman with black and fat lips live life without a husband.

11. Woman with very fat lips are the ones who fights a lot

12. If the upper lip is soft, tilted, and smooth , then its fortunate.

13. If the lower lip is risen towards above, then such woman is a widow.

14. Woman with round and lips with redness in them gets a good hasband.


1. A person who’s tongue is red, thin and soft, he is knowledge, smart and a theist.

2. A persons’ whose tongue’s tip is pointed and with redness, he attains all wealth and luxuries,

3. A person with whiteness on their tongue is bad at heart.

4. Black or blueish tongued people are poor.

5. A person whose tongue is fat and same length or yellow, that person is a fool.

6. a person whose tongue touched the nose, he is a sage or meditater

7. Person with long tongue is a frank speaker.

8. Person with broad tongue spend more than what is required.

9. A woman’s whose tongue is soft, red and thin, she is fortunate

10. A woman whose tongue is narrow, she is considered unlucky.

11. A woman with fat tongue doesn’t live a full life.

12. Woman with red tongue marriage a great husband

13. Woman with black tongue fights a lot.

14. Woman with very broad tongue faces constant unhappiness