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Om Paanchadungli Mahadevi shree simandar shaasane
Adishthatri karasyaaso shaktiah shree tridasheshituah


Om namo panchanguli parshari parshari mata bhaymangal vashikarani Lohmaydandamanini chausatkaam vihandini runmadhye raulmadhye diwaanmadhye Bhutmadhye pretmadhye pishashmadhye jhotighmadhye dakinimadhye shakinimadhyeYakshinimadhye doshinimadhye sheknimadhye gunimadhye gaarudimadhye vinarimadhyeDoshmadhye doshasharanmadhye dushtmadhye ghor kasht mujh upar bure joKarawe jade jadawe tat chinte chintawe tasmathe shrimata panchanguliDevi tano vajra nirdhaar pade om tah tah tah swaha

Paanchadungli practice is commenced in Kartik month, on the day of Hasth nakshatra at an auspicious moment after Devi’s shodhshopachar puja etc. After one month passes, in the month of Margashree, this practice is done till the day of hasth nakshatra. During the entire Sadhana period, the purity of thoughts, body and food is compulsory. It should be done everyday during sunrise. After chanting of the Pananchadungli Mantra 108 times on a Rudrash Mala, One should give 10 Ahutis, with the havan ingredients which includes the Paanch-meva.

This should be done for one month and within this month this mantra is mastered. After Mastering this master one should get up early in the morning and after reciting this Mantra, he should blow on his palms and touch the whole body with it. After doing this, one will definitely get success in future-prediction through Palmistry

Paanchanguli Sadhana Method

We get lot of reference of paanchanguli Devi in Ancient scriptures and it is clearly stated there that if a person does sadhana of Paanchanguli Devi regularly, then he can soon becomes a successful future-predictor. While reading any person hands, his past, present and future becomes clear for him. Also he becomes aware of many small secrets.

The Auspicious time for Paanchanguli Sadana is as follows:


It can be started in any month. But Baishakh, kartik, ashwin and magh have been considered good


It can be started from Dritiya, panchmi, saptmi, asthami, dashmi and pooranmasi of the shukal paksh


Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are known best to commence it


Krithika, rohini, punarvasu, hasth, all three uttara, anuradha and shravan nakshaktra are considered favourable


Stir lagna, vrish, sigha, vrishchak, kumbh lagna are known best


Holy places, Ganga-Jamuna sangam, bank of a river, Mountain, Caves and Temples are considered best. If these places aren’t available then a isolated room in the house

Kumkum Coconut (with hair)  Deepak
Abeer   Rice  Curd
Gulal  Almond Sugar
Mauli Walnut  Paan
Supari Cashwenut bhoj-patra
Kesar Kish-mish  Leaves of peepul
Batashe mishri Raw milk
Dugdh Prasad  Agarbatti  grut
Kapoor  Loang  Flower
Elaichi Black pepper garland of flowers, Havan ingredients
Yagyopavit   honey    Ganga jal
Fruits  perfume  Pure water of the well

The following are utmost important for this sadhana:

1. Give up company of women or talks till the sadhana period

2. Do not get involved in lowly work

3. remember Gayatri during the evenings

4. Chanting if forbidden when naked, without bath, with dirty hands, with a cloth on the head

5. During chanting, talking is forbidden till the mala gets completed

6. During sneezes or Gastric problem, wash hands and touch ears with water

7. laziness, yawning, sneezing, spitting, getting scared, impure clothes, talks, anger etc are     forbidden during chanting session

8. The same amount of chanting should be done everyday as done the first day. It is not wise to     reduce or increase this.

9. If during one goes to the washroom, then take bath again and sit for chanting