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  1. If all the toes are of equal length and the strong, and joint together, then they bear best results
  2. If the four toes are small and spread out, then in case the life is spend by working for someone or manual hard work
  3. If the little toe doesn’t touch the ground while walking, then she becomes a widow early or spends an unhappy life
  4. If the third and last two toe are small then she doesn’t gets a husband
  5. If along with the thumb all four toes are round and raised up, then that’s a good sign. These four toes shouldn’t be small and thin. If flat, there’s more hard work
  6. Women with long toes are shameless and spread put toes symbolize poverty
  7. If one toe is above the other, then according to “Hatva bahun patinprah”, plots against her husband and is considered unlucky
  8. A woman whose index toe is longer, she’s called as independent and master of her own will
  9. If the middle toe is longer than the average, then its unfortunate. Any man should be careful married to her
  10. If the third toe of the leg is small, then she fights are lot. If that toe doesn’t touch the ground while walking, then “khadtesa pativdyam” or unlucky
  11. If while walking, dust is raised up, then such woman destroys many families. She’ll be unlucky for the family and even if happy, then she gets defamed dues to long middle finger
  12. Sometimes the little finger is small and round, then such woman faces unhappiness in childhood, according to Samudrik.

Practice Question

1. Write about indications of leg

2. Write indications of leg of Good women

3. What kind of leg do “rajyoga” type have?

4. Write indications of leg about unfortunate people.

7. Parts of the Body


According to Samudrik Shastra, persons with 32 teeth ate the best, 30 teeth good and 28 teeth, 28 teeth are considered bad. If the teeth are consistent and there are spaces then there are different results.

1. A person whose teeth are in straight line and smooth, then such a person is rich

2. People with long teeth are rich

3. Teeth that are dropping inside are poor.

4. People with black uneven teeth face troubles.

5. People with 32 teeth are fortunate.

6. People with 30 teeth are always tensed due to lack of money.

7. People with 32 teeth are indulgent.

8. People with lesser teeth than above are always poor

9. People whose teeth fall off gradually live long life.

10. A person whose teeth are separated from one-another enjoy on other people’s wealth.

11. Women whose teeth are pointed, in one line, white and joint together, such women are fortunate.

12. Women who has sixteen teeth on upper and lower part, and are white as cow’s milk, she’s close to her husband.

13. Women whose teeth are very small are unhappy

14. People who have more teeth on the lower jaw don’t have mothers.

15. Women with horrible and uneven teeth are widow

16. Women with white gums are difficult

17. Women with fat and scary teeth face lot of troubles.

18. If the teeth are separated and with spaces, then she is characterless

19. If teeth have come up, then such woman is cunning, selfish and one who dominates her husband.

20.A person whose gums are black are thieves.


According to Shastras, shaped, big and hairy ears are considered lucky and small, crooked ears are of suspicious people who r of lower category

1. If the ears are risen up and the point of the ear is well-shaped and big, then they are considered fortunate.

2. If the ears are long by birth, then the person is happy.

3. People with fat ears are soft natured.

4. People with short ears are intelligent.

5. People with shell-like ears reach high position in Military.

6. People with flat ears are indulgent

7. Big ears with hair symbolize long life

8. Big fat ears symbolizes leadersahip

9. People with extremely short ears are misers.

10. Dry ears symbolizes poverty

11. Long and spread out ears represents cruel person

12. People with big ears are worth worshiping

13. Ears without smoothness are symbol of weakness

14. If woman has hair on her ears, it symbolizes widowhood

15. If woman’s ears are long, then its good


If both eyes are equal and black, then person is considered average and good. Red eyes people face physical troubles, blue eyed people face social troubles, yellow-eyes people face family troubles, brown eyed people get cheated

When two people talk, and if one of them looks here and there while talking, he is known as untrustworthy. One who flaps his eye-lashes a lot is characterless, the one who talks looking eye-in-eye is trustworthy.


If the eyebrows are thick, they are calm natured. People with thin eyebrows are cunning. Normal distance between both the eyebrows is considered lucky, and people with joint eyebrows shouldn’t be trusted. Such people themselves don’t know what they’ll be doing next. Persons with straight eyebrows are progressive and tolerant. Slant eye browed people are intelligent


Person with parrot-like nose are fortunate, Fat nosed people can’t be said completely happy, Flat nose people do what they like, and people with thin nose are hard-working. Mole on woman’s nose is a lucky sign, but the same on men’s nose is unlucky

1. If the nose is four fingers long, then the person lives long
2. People with developed nose is well-behaved person

3. Person with nose like an elephant is indulgent

4. Person with nose like a parrot is happy

5. Person with straight nose is fortunate

6. Person whose nose-holes are small are fortunate

7. Person whose front side of nose is crooked, they are prosperous from financial point of view

8. Person with pointed nose are king

9. Person with small nose are religious

10. Person whose front side of nose is divided into two parts is poor

11. People with flat nose are simple

12. People with cut nose are sinners

13. Nose which droops to the right is a sign of weakness

14. People with big nose-holes are best

15. If woman have small nose, then they belong to labour class

16. Woman with flat and long nose is a widow

17. If the front side of nose is long, then she bears happiness like a queen

18. If there’s a black mole on the front point of the nose, then she is characterless

19. Woman with very long nose is unhappy

20. Well shaped and nose with equal pores is the best