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Raj Laxmi Yog is an important subject for the palmists to study. As they have opined if the mounts of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon are fully developed and reddish then the person has Raj Laxmi Yog on his palm. They have also opined about the results of the Raj Laxmi Yog. One who has these combinations, can make enough progress in his life but everything is due to his own efforts. All his physical desires are fulfilled from time to time. He is capable to achieve material comforts in life. His personality is extremely impressive and attractive. People get attracted towards him due to his personality.

Some important facts should be taken into consideration , while making a methodical study of the Raj Laxmi yog. As the palmists have opined the mounts of Moon and Mercury are the important aspects of the Raj Laxmi Yog. It is due to the influence of this combination an individual can achieve attractive and debonair personality. Hence in this connection it should be noted that if the mounts of these two planets are fully developed then surely the person is attractive and able. If both of these planets are weak then his personality and attraction certainly lacks.