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The sun us usually in this sign from July 23 to August 23. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the Sun. So, during this period the Sun is in his own sign and the native has an abundance of the solar qualities.

Physically he is strong and has much energy and fire in him. The health is generally good and if the native falls ill, he recovers soon and has good recouping power. The only organ which is likely to suffer is the heart, on account of an excess of strong emotions. So such persons have an excess of ego and pride and are easily ruffled. Their enmities also continue long. All this has an deteriorating effect on the heart. Women born during this sign may also have trouble in child birth.

There is also a liability to suffer in old age from gout, rheumatism, spleen and bladder troubles. Such persons are, due to excess of bile also liable to suffer from diseases of the eye, the back and the hardening of the arteries.

These people are courageous and have a lot of valour. They never want to give way. In their conduct, they are honest, frank, straightforward and above-board. In speech they are outspoken. They have a certain amount of vanity and are pompous and prefer to show off their splendour. They are enterprising and like to command. They shun inferior jobs.

They love steadfastly and usually marry but being stubborn they do not have a very smooth sailing with their partners. They want to be over bearing and unless the partner is submissive and docile, it provides cause for frequent clashes. Besides, they are to punctilious that their wives’ conduct is above board for they are apt to get suspicious, even when there is no substantial cause for that.

They have strong attachment to children and usually one of their sons rises high in life. There is some danger to the health of the eldest son or his relations with his father may not be very filial. The native is fond of a life of luxury and is so magnanimous at heart, and generous in spending that he is not able to save in proportion to his income. They have a strong desire to travel and they have a preference for aristocratic society. The servants are a source of worry and business partnerships also lead to litigation, which should be settled out of court.

They are religious and are usually connected with the church or other religious organizations. They have a fondness for art and literature, but the strongest instinct in them is of rule and command. They love authority. There is a liability of destruction of part of their property by fire. They are courteous and diplomatic and do well in all professions, where they have to deal with dignified people. They are not so suited to jobs where dealing with masses or labourers are involved. This sign is sometimes strongly inclined to betting, gambling, speculation and games of chance, which they should better avoid.

In financial matters, they may not have a square deal from their brothers and sisters, and this may even lead to litigation.

Generally the rise in life is from the 22nd year onwards. It is best for persons of this Sign to marry those who are born when the sun is in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.