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The Vehsi Yog is a significant aspect of the science of palmistry. If the palm has ring of the Mercury and ring of the Saturn and at the same time there is a girdle of Venus then it is called Vehsi Yog according to the science of palmistry.

The palmists after a prolonged study have provided severl illustrations regarding the results of the Vehsi Yog. A person who is born with the combination of Vehsi Yog is simple in nature, clever, patient and sober. He is a good orator and has the exceptional capability to influence others by his conversation . Such a person is expert in leading the society to a proper direction. But such individual with the Vehsi Yog lacks the financial support. Though he earns lakhs, he also spends lakhs because of his excessive expenditure. It has been observed that such a person does not have any bank balance. Even then he is honored in the society and many persons follow his orders. Such persons have a good deal of fan.