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When the Fate line reaches the prominent mount of Sun then the combination is said to be the Baggy Yog or Combination of luck. The Baggy yog determines the future of the individual. Hence it is an important aspect of the science of palmistry. According to the palmists, a person having this combination is considered very lucky.

Some important points should be taken into consideration while making a thorough study of the Baggy Yog. Apart from the above mentioned combination several other combinations of the Baggy Yog have been prescribed by the eminent palmists. If the fate line starts from the mount of Jupiter or if the Fate line starting from the mount of Saturn, ends below the mount of Jupiter and there are white spots there, then it is considered as an important combination of the Baggy Yog. Again if the Fate line is prominent and there is mark of a star on the Mount of Sun, when both the hands have clear and long Fate lines or if there is a cross mark on the bracelets and the Fate line is formed straight from there, the combination is considered auspicious for the luck of the individual. The mark of a star on the mount of Jupiter and the Fate line starts from the mount of Moon or any line starting from the root of the finger of Apollo reaches upwards to the top are considered by the palmists as the favorable combination of the baggy Yog. However it should be noted in this case that the first line of bracelets is not chained and broken. This is because the chained or broken line of bracelets can hamper the good effects of the baggy yog. A triangle below the Sun line or if the Heart line and Head line join below the mount of Jupiter, vertical straight line on the mount of Jupiter etc are the important combination of the baggy Yog and are considered favorable for the individual. An important fact about the combination of the baggy Yog is that both the hands have developed mounts of Jupiter and the Sun lines are deep, in order to experience the result of the Baggy Yog.