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The Vehsi Yog is a significant aspect of the science of palmistry. If the palm has ring of the The Deirdre Yogi , according to the science of palmistry is considered as the combination of poverty. It has been an important subject for the palmists for ages. If all the mounts in the palm of a person are weak, the mount of Moon has points and at the same time the Little finger has a sign of a star then it is called Deirdre Yogi or the combination according to the science of palmistry.

The palmists after prolonged study of this yogi have provided several facts and traits of this combination. A person born with Deirdre Yog combination spends the whole of his wealth by his evil doings, though he is born in the house of a multi millionaire. Such individuals lead an extravagant life. As a s result after a certain period of time he has s nothing and he is compelled to lead the life of a very poor man. The whole of his life becomes very ordinary in all aspects.

Apart from these the Palmists have also mentioned the several other combinations as Deirdre Yog, which should also be taken into consideration while making the study of the hand. If the Sun line and the Fate line are very weak and broken, then the individual has Deirdre Yogi in his hand and is not supported by fate in his life. If the mount of Venus is depressed and contains more than necessary obstructing lines, then the individual is found to face obstacles in his way of progress. If the Tiark of star is found on the first phalange of the finger and the fate line is weak, then it is also called Deirdre Yogi and the person is found to live in utter poverty. If of the hand are short and their tops are line is moving out of the palm such individual also becomes poor. However all the above mentioned combination can make a person economically weak. These combination if found on an individual`s hand then it is called Deirdre yogi.