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The Sun remains in the sign Aries from March 21 to April 21. When a person is born exactly on either of these two dates, it is very difficult to specify the exact sun sign. That can be decided only by reference to the ephemeris for the year of birth. This applies not only to March 21 and April 21 but all dates on which the Sun leaves one sign and enters the other.

The natives born during this period are energetic, good sportsmen and love an active and outdoor life. They have strong will power and start things well but generally their enthusiasm does not last long and unless they cultivate perseverance, they would not be able to accomplish what they had so ardently begun.

They are so strong mentally that they do not brook opposition and are quick and straightforward in rebutting the statements of others which do not agree with their own ideas. Due to their headstrong nature they make many enemies and at times it is not confined to verbal altercation only but extends to physical fight also. They should not fitter their energy in worthless objects or strife but should conserve it for better and constructive channels.

They may suffer from high fever or hot and inflammable diseases, but they have wonderful recouping power and recover early. In financial matters they are apt to be more spendthrift than frugal. And they would spend even to the point of an over draft, where affection in guiding power.

Due to their impulsive nature, they do not like to stick to one place of residence for long. In their affections they are so ardent that they are easily attached to persons of the opposite sex and so their love affairs are quick and sudden. But due to an over abundance of emotions, they are not very steadfast.

The native has in himself the capacity to rise high in life and the lines such as the military or the police where boldness and courage are essential ingredients for success, would be the most suitable to him. He can also be successful in factories where fire and metal are used or in transportation, electronics, advertising, as a surgeon, chemist, barber or in matters connected with foreigners or foreign trade.

They are at heart religious and charitable. In childhood the native may not have a very satisfactory life as in the latter part. At the ages on 7, 19, 20 and 44 there will be difficulties for the natives family or himself. His rise in career would commence from the 22nd year. He is likely to be favoured or patronized by people holding a high rank and position in the government or public life. If the birth takes place between mid night and mid noon, he may have an early parting with his father or the relations with his father may not be ideal. He will have many reliable friends, but one of his friends would be treacherous to him.

The diseases such as people are more likely to suffer from are injuries- particularly to the head, and those pertaining to stomach and kidneys or blood pressure and apoplexy.

As the signs Leo and Sagittarius and in trine to Aries he is advised to marry a girl born in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.