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If in a kundali of a person consists of shani and he wants to build a house, "SHANI" will give him good or bad result within 3 to 18 years.

The relationship between "SHANI" and "VAASTU" is as follows:-

1. While creating vastu, in that persons kundli shani should reside in 1st place and 7th & 10th should remain vacant to gain positive results from "Shani".

2. If "Shani" resides in second place, there are posiblities of obstacles. However, whatever the position may be continue with the with the work because "Shani" will give positive results.

3. If "Shani" resides in third place, always keep in mind to keep three pets(dogs). This will give you positive results.

4. If "Shani" resides in fourth place, always keep in mind that you should not buy your own house. Till the time it does not go from the 4th postion try living in a flat which you get it on rent. However, if u have bought your own house things might not just work for you.

5. If "Shani" resides in fifth place it might cause problems for your children. However, if the house is on name of a male it might not cause any problem. Just make sure that the age factor should be more than 48 years and before construction it is necessary to perform a "Shani" puja.

6. If "Shani" resides in sixth place then make sure that your age is between 35 to 39 years before buying/constructing the house. If done before, daughter can face problems with her in-laws

7. If "Shani" resides in seventh place then it is considered as sign of happiness. However, if "Shani" is unfavorable in this position then things might go against.

8. If "Shani" resides in eighth place then there might be lots of problems for ci\onstructing/buying a house. However, if Rahu and Ketu are favorable then it'll give fruitful outcomes.

9. If "Shani" resides in ninth position then just make sure that you do not purchase or construct the house before pregnancy. Also make sure that the house has efforts of you and your father.

10. If "Shani" resides in tenth place then do not make any efforts to purchase/construct the new house because the new house will not give you positive vibrations. Often the work remains incomplete.

11. If "Shani" resides in eleventh place then happiness will knock you door but it might knock late. Just remember that the entrance should not face south.

12. If "Shani" resides in twelveth place then just make sure that house is square in shape because it will give you positive vibration and also obstacles are left.