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The sun stays in Scorpio every year from November 23 to December 21. The symbol of this sign is a man riding a horse with a bow and arrow in his hands. These persons have a brilliant intellect and are noble and refined. But they are too swift an sudden in speech and action. Sometimes they speak out of their mind even before the other person has finished his sentence. They are truthful and keep their pledged word. Their instinct is strong and they would be more successful, if they work according to their own instincts, rather than by acting upon the advice of others. They are bold, free and of a dashing character.

They make friends easily and are attached to them. But in choosing a husband or wife they are more idealistic than passionate and consequently even after engagements, they break the relationship when they find that their fiancée is not upto the mark. While noble and loving at heart, as they are not demonstrative of their affections, the other party misunderstands it as lack of warmth. As the mental and emotional structures of these natives change, when the other party fails to keep in rhythm with them, marriage is broken and at times there are two marriages, one of which proves detrimental to the natives interest.

He will have a few children and the eldest will cause a lot of worry. His children may live away from him or he may not pull on well with them. The same will be the case with his brothers and sisters.

His early years will not be prosperous. He may suffer financial stringency on account of losses his parents may have suffered.

Success comes to him only after middle life. Upto the 30th year he will have frequent set backs in his career. But ultimately success does come to him, because this sun sign is ruled by Jupiter who stands for honour, riches and position. He can succeed well in teaching, in the field of religion and law, in politics and administration and also in the line of business and banking. He is a good sportsman and fond of hunting and open air life. He can therefore be more successful in occupations connected with the land. The native will meet social success and many persons standing will prove his patrons, but one friend of his would prove highly treacherous and would almost bring about his loss of position. His enemies will prove very bitter and persistent and he should take care that his position and prosperity and not threatened by their mischief.

Love of travel is strong with these people. They should avoid betting, speculation or gamble as this habit may bring heavy losses.

These persons do not have a strong desire for real estates and immovable properties and consequently very few persons born during this sun sign build large estates.

These natives have a strong dramatic sense and can also do well in occupations connected with the stage.

The general health of these people is good, but they are likely to suffer from nervous disorders. The sign Scorpio rules the hips, thighs and the muscular system. It also has connection with the motor impulses and the natives born during this period are likely to suffer from sciatica, hip disease or some kind of lameness.

These persons would do well to marry persons born in Aries, Leo or Scorpio.