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The Wasi Yog is one of the major subject in the science of palmistry. The palmist takes special care of this yog while studying the hand. If the palm has the ring of Saturn and ring of the Mercury at the same time then it is Wasi Yog, according to the science of palmistry.

The palmists after a thorough study have provided the facts regarding the result for the Wasi Yog in an individual`s hand. A person who has Wasi Yog on his hand is found to be expert and clever in his work. Such a person is always smiling, joyful, virtuous and clever. As a result he can complete all his works properly and eloquently. His works speak of his sheer wit. Such a person does not lack anything from family side. None of his enemy dares to come near him. If somebody comes at the end he has to surrender before the individual having Wasi Yog.

But the Wasi Yog on the palm has some evil effects also. If the palm has Wasi yog but the fate line is broken then the person commits many such mistakes for which he remains repentant and perturbed in his life. Though he repents, such individuals commit the same mistake repeatedly. He always thinks of taking revenge. Such individual if has Wasi Yog with the broken fate line cannot achieve success. Moreover such individuals have proneness of collecting money through cheating is his tendency throughout his life.

As the palmists have opined, while studying Wasi Yog, one should also consider the line of Saturn. Only after studying the line of Saturn it is possible to predict his results about the Wasi Yog.