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The Sun enters Capricorn on or about 21st December of the year and stays there till January 20th of the next year. Persons born during this sun sign are prudent, cautious and hard working. They are serious in disposition and humility is one of their chief characteristics. They are endowed with a spirit of service and have a strong sense of duty. They have initiative and persistent application to work brings them success, which is a result of their own long and hard labour. They are practical and economical in spending. They are loyal and conscientious in their work.

Their too practical nature at times gives an impression that they are wanting in warm sentiments, but at heart they are loving and devoted. They do not marry in a hurry and do so only when they are assured that the other party reciprocates their love. They, however, do not prove constant in their affections, which is not due to any inborn unfaithful disposition on their own part, as due to influence of others. It may also be that their partner in marriage may be fickle and thus brings about a break in the nuptial chord. They prefer to marry home lovers who can provide home comforts and good companionship.

Persons born during this period are generally self made men. They are active and vigorous and at the same time plodding. They are versatile and shrewd in business. They earn money by their own industry and not due to windfall, legacy or inheritance. Money also comes to him later in life- after the 42nd year of age. He has to pass his youth in struggle. He is not likely to be treated well by his relatives and will have to meet many impediments in his career. He will meet opposition both from men occupying high rank and also in low positions, but ultimately he will surmount all obstacles. He will have the powerful patronage of a very high personage that will be a protecting force- particularly if he is in the armed forces.

In service, they will give satisfaction to their superiors. If other stars are also favourable at the time of their birth, they can rise high in politics.

Brothers and sisters will be numerous, but they will not be useful in his career. Rather there may be a misunderstanding with them. The number of children will be limited but they will cause him more worry than satisfaction. Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the natives at times have moods of despondency and melancholia. Sometimes, to fight or overcome these moods, they start drinking and as a result become confirmed drunkards. They should avoid drugs and liquor because many troubles apprehended by them never occur and they unnecessarily suffer mentally due to false apprehensions.

They succeed well in all occupations where hard work and plodding are the main features or in work connected with agriculture and the forest departments, also in the field of education and biology and in factories and large organizations.

They are likely to suffer from rheumatism, or gout in the knees. They are also liable to liver trouble, which is caused by their melancholy moods. Nervous tension should be avoided. The stomach is a weak spot and tendency to gluttony should be curbed.

Persons born during this sun sign will do well to marry people born when the Sun is in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.