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The Sun is in the sign every year from June 21 to July 23. In astrology, the sign represents the crab and the Cancer born have some qualities of the crab. They are outwardly docile and withdraw their emotions in the innermost recess of their heart. They are not demonstrative but emotional and very tenacious in their feelings. Many of the caner subjects, despite their deep seated desire to set up homes, are averse to marriage and have strong love affairs, which may more the craving of sensuousness, but once love takes root in such a heart, it grows into an enduring loyalty.

This is the fourth sign of the zodiac governing the home and the domestic environment and so the natives born during this sign are attached to the domestic environment, their home, children, neighbours and the community. But at the same time this is a watery sign governed by the fastest of the planets- the Moon, which gives them an urge for chartering on the seas, going beyond the waters to foreign lands and people and have a strong inclination to work as sailors and explorers, but due to the innate attraction of the home, eve after wandering a lot, they prefer to come home and settle there.

The watery nature of the sign no doubt makes the native moody and at times melancholy, but this aqueous sign also bestows the powers of intuition and people born during this sign can become better clairvoyants than those born during other signs. They at times have a premonition of what is coming ahead.

The stomach is ruled by this sign and therefore not only the women but men also take an interest in what is being cooked and like to supervise this department. They are very particular about having good dishes and are warned to be sparing in their diet and drinks. If they do not act up to this advice, their in temperate habits may lead to troubled health. They are more likely to suffer from diseases of the chest and stomach and those mental ailments as are connected with melancholia and nervous depression. The Cancer subject may have great emotional stresses and strains.

The natives are marked for manual dexterity and do well in professions where intelligence of the mind and skill of the hand are called for. They do well in teaching, writing, painting, advertising, selling things and also in trade and commerce particularly the import and export across the seas.

These people are deeply emotional and sensitive. Even the males born during this sign are as sensitive as women. They immediately take fancy to new or out of the way things, but being capricious by nature their fancies do not last long. They are ambitious to gain wealth but have to climb the uphill path. Wealth often eludes them and even when they gain patrimony, they themselves or their children or relations may squander the same. They should avoid betting, speculation and horse racing, as they are more likely to lose at these, rather than gain from them.

The natives relations with his brothers may not be very cordial or he may lose one of his brothers early in life. His children will also be a source of much anxiety, but the eldest one would settle well in life There will be a marked change in his career at the age of 35. At the ages of 20, 32 and 44 he may be a victim of some intrigue or opposition against him.

These persons would do well to marry persons born during the sun sign Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.