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Shubh yogi is an important subject in the study of palmistry. The palmists also attached significance s in the study of this Shush Yogi If the right hand has a developed mount of Saturn and the Fate line is there clearly then the palm of the persons can be called as Shush Yogi.

The sign of shush yogi is considered to be the most auspicious sign in the hand. A person who has `Shush Yogi` in his palm becomes a famous orator and can fascinate the public. He has the exceptional capability to amuse people by his oratory. Such a person having this yogi is capable of getting from the public whatever he desires. His speech is enchanting and he is adept in the art of getting favor from the public. Such a person has a fascinating and splendid personality.

But it should be taken into consideration that such person bestowed with the shush yogi combination s of s hand has a rise in fate away from his birth place.