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The Gag Lame Yogi is a kind of palm, according to the palmistry. As the eminent palmists have opined, if, in both the hands of an individual, the fate line starting from the bracelets, goes to the mount of Saturn and at the same time the mount of Sun is developed and has a thin, long and reddish Sun line and along with these signs if the Head-line, Health line and Fate lines are prominent then his palm has Gag Lame Yogi.

However the study of the Gag Lame Yogi on the hand is a complicated process. According to the palmists, the Gag Lame Yogi is considered auspicious. One who is bestowed with this yogi, that man, though born in very ordinary family, gets very high respect. He will be famous in the society by his own works. Whatever he does success comes in his own way of progress. Economically and materially such persons lack nothing. But whatever achievements such persons achieve, it is by their own efforts. Such persons are gentle by nature, judicious and virtuous. They are also kind hearted. By engaging themselves in trade or working in foreign countries they get much success. A person having Gag Lame Yogi is wholly successful in his life. His fame in his field remains permanent even after his death.

But before studying a Gag Lame yogi palm it s should be kept in mind that the traits mentioned above should present in both the hands . The result will be different in case if it is not like that. If it is to be found in only one hand then the result will be half of the predicted above.

Thus the Gag lame yogi palm is considered auspicious according to the palmist, only if the traits of the Gag Lame are present in both the hands.