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Angvidyaprakashoyam Gudharthvyassaiyukhtah
Hastsunjeevangranthah, bhuyaad devavidam mude
Shrivardhamano jayatu servagyanshiromanih
Panchhastottaro virah siddharthnrupnanadanah

Shri vardhamn – an eminent person amongst the learned, is the most superior. He is always engaged for the good of the world, he is the master of lasting health and the son of king Siddhartha.

The eight secrets of the Shastras

Adhagvidya nimittaanaamashtaanaampi geeyate

Mukhya subhasubhgyaane naaradadinivedita

For the understanding of human’s propitious outcome, Great sages like Narad, Parashar, Garg created the Samudrikashastra and described the eight sciences in detail. Among which, Pamistry is prime.

The eight sciences are as follows:

Body, Dream, Sound, Earth, Food, Quality, Portent and Space

Pachanguli Devi

The hand is the most vital part of human body. It’s the bearer of ultimate welfare, in other words, wealth and brilliance is gained through hands in this world. The five fingers of the hand are presiding deity Goddesses which are the powers of the Indra, the king of Gods.

Hasten paanigraham pujabhojanshaantayah
Saadya vipakshavidvansapramukhyah sakalah kriyah

Shree panchanguli mahadevi

The hand is the medium for all destinies. Marriages are conducted by it for the obedience of the nature’s law. With it, prayer, yagya, charity, food, peace and destruction of enemies takes place. Hence the hand is the reason of all actions. Even for all these actions, it’s of most importance for the hand to have fingers. For this reason, the fingers of the hand are known as “Mahadevi” or the supreme Goddess.

Hence there is a principle of worshipping the “Panchanguli Mahadevi” in the scriptures of palmistry. Once gaining its perfection, a palmistry scholar definitely becomes a successful predictor of the future. The principle of worshipping the “panchanguli Mahadevi” has been given here for the benefit of the practitioner.

Shree panchanguli yantra

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