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The Sun usually enter Pisces every year on or about February 19 and continues there till
March 21.

Persons born during this sun sign have a very strong psychic powers. Physically, they are not so strong, except those born during the last eleven days- from March 10th onwards. Their idealism may be very high yet because their actions are not in tune with their idealism, they appear to be hypocritical.

Outwardly they appear to be soft, calm and placid but strong sea of emotions upsurges within and they are mentally restless. They are too sensitive and are often upset by trifles. Sometimes to rest their ruffled emotions they resort to drinks and drugs which have a very pernicious effect on their health. These people are lovers of beauty in nature as well as in art and prefer bright sunny life and they are restless and like to be on the move both physically and mentally. They change options.

They like to assume responsibilities and have much common sense but due to their inherent carelessness and in attentiveness, they do not succeed so well unless they have good partners or assistants who are meticulous and vigilant.

These people are charitable and generous and have a keen sense of gratitude but they do not have very reliable friends; one of them would prove particularly treacherous.

Pisces born native are loquacious which in certain cases even amounts to garrulousness. They are good at writing and speaking. They are fond of relating anecdotes of the past events of their life and at times are critical of what they did or did not do.

They are slow to get into temper and also slow to cool down, but they bear no rancour, ill will or grudges like the Scorpio born persons.

The subject generally does not stick to one profession and may follow two or more professions one after the other. In marriage also he is likely to have more than one marriage. The native is likely to have a love affair with a widow which may be the cause of a scandal.

Generally people born during this sun sign reach high positions by dint of their merit and hard work. They are likely to do better in art, literature and poetry and all business connected with water or import and export.

These people are generous and liberal in spending and if they do not let these instincts have unbridled sway, they may become rich.

This sign rules the feet and the lymphatic system and all watery secretions and such persons are likely to suffer from diseases where there is not proper elimination of fluid such as oedema, dropsy, ascites. Under extremely depleted circumstances even consumption sets in. They are also likely to suffer from fever and eye trouble.

Persons born during this sign will be well advised to marry persons born during Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.