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The Vivah Yog is the significant aspect of the Palmistry. It is related with an important part of the human life; hence the palmists have considered the Vivah Yog with special care. If the mount of Venus and the mount of Jupiter are developed, then it combines to make Vivah Yog.

However the study of the Vivah yog led the palmists to provide several important facts about the results of the Vivah Yog on an individual`s palm. According to the different combination of the Vivah Yog, happy or unhappy married life of an individual can be determined. According to the thorough research of the palmists, if the fate line originates from the Mount of Moon, the Fate line ends at Heart line and at the same time there is a cross on the mount of Jupiter, then it can be called as the combination of happy marriage. Individuals having such combination can live their married life with immense happiness.

On the contrary if the mount of Venus is under-developed and there is red mark of star on the mount of Venus, then it is considered as the combination of unhappy marriage. A mark of island on the marriage line a cross on the Fate line is also considered as the s combination of the unhappy marriage. In such cases there always remained ill feeling between the married couple. Hence the mutual relationship between the married couple always remained disturbed if such combination is found on anyone`s hand.

If the Sun line and the marriage line cut each other and the Mount of Venus is much more developed, then it is the sign of unequal marriage according to the science of palmistry. When a line goes to mount of Venus from the bracelet and a line goes to mount of Mercury or if the Sun line has contact with the line of Venus, then the combination reflects that the individual will be married with trader.

Some combinations are only found on the hand of a female. A line goes to the mount of Venus or Saturn from the bracelet and if the hand is weak and narrow and the Fate line and Marriage lines are faulty, then it indicates that the respective individual will be married with an old man. Some combination also indicates the obstacles in marriage. If the Marriage line is broken at many places, if the Mount of Moon has vertical and horizontal lines and if the mount of Venus has two star marks then it indicates the obstacles in marriage.

The Vivah Yog also denotes to the evil possibilities of married life. If a line is found to go to Heart line from the line of Venus and if there is an island on the Fate line or if there is a cluster of lines at the end of Marriage line, then it indicates that the individual will have to take divorce from partner if he or she gets married.

The Vivah Yog is considered not only the important part of the palmistry; rather it has gained a special importance in palmistry because it is an important part of human life.