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The Sun is in this sun sign every year from May 21 to June 21. This sign is ruled by Mercury. So persons born during this period have Mercurial qualities. Physically they are nimble; mentally they are alert. They have good speaking and writing abilities. These persons can succeed well in any line when they are a link between two parties, such as agents, distributors, canvassers, salesmen and also in advertising, newspapers and magazines, etc.

They have also latent abilities in the field of scientific research and mathematics. They are gifted with powers of imitation and can succeed as actors on the stage or in commerce. Travels and affairs far from the homeland help in augmenting their finances.

These people are adaptable and accommodating. They are honest and noble hearted, but when they intend to withhold facts, they can also lead a double life- such as having two love affairs simultaneously. They have a number of children unless these are positively restricted by planned parenthood. But the true filial attachment and obedience in children is wanting. They generally earn morn money by entering service or engaging in trade. But their finances are so depleted that they do not have enough even for routine expenses.

Gemini people at times are found very versatile but the want of concentration on one matter, leaves them a jack of all trades and masters of none. They will have greater success in life if they do not change occupation and concentrate at one place or on one line.

They have a tendency to fall in love easily and at times to have two love affairs simultaneously. Unless the native develops unselfishness in his love affairs and curbs his innate tendencies of changeability, he is likely to have family disagreements and in countries where divorce and separations are frequent, he may have more than one marriage.

The native is likely to have disappointments and sorrows in his/her love life. If there is not more than one marriage, there will atleast be more than one love affair and long attachment.

The natives born under this sun sign are religious, but this factor is likely to cause some more changes in life. The natives have a strong attraction to join secret religious societies.
The sign Gemini rules the lungs, hands, arms, the nervous system and the ratiocinative part of the brain. The diseases the Gemini native is likely to suffer are bladder trouble and fever.

Towards middle life the native will meet many obstacles and impediments, which will hamper his career and check his promotions. These will be caused by his enemies and opponents. He will not farewell at the hands of his relatives by marriage. There will be some secrets connected with his personal life or that of his wife and they will be a source of great worry and trouble to him.

The weak side of the Gemini native is to take a quick and superficial view, inability to concentrate and changeability- physically wanting a change in the environment of work as well mentally- according to the mood. If the native curbs these tendencies by forethought and practice his intelligence and activity will bring him better dividends in life. Persons born during this period would do well to marry persons who are born in the sun sign Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.