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Emerald is a gemstone of green color belonging to the family of beryl gems. This gemstone is rare because it is very difficult to find a flawless emerald. Most emeralds are defective, having a feather - like crack and inclusions. To find an emerald that is of rich green color, perfectly transparent, with a velvety reflection and high specific gravity is difficult.


Following are the general properties of Gemstone

Planet : Mercury
Cosmic Color : Green
Sign : Gemini, Virgo
Element : Earth
Time : Sunrise
Day : Wednesday


  • Fine cut, which illuminates it from all sides
  • Smoothness that comes when the stone has a fine finish
  • Soothing touch and pleasant sight, which gives peaceful vibrations and captivates the heart
  • Vitreous lustre, radiance, luminescence, brilliance
  • Retains its color and lustre in all kinds of lights and shades
  • Rich green homogeneous color that is deep and pleasant, like a blade of fresh grass
  • Transparence, which makes it rare and costlier than diamonds
  • Compactness, which gives it high specific gravity
  • Velvety reflection