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The Bud Yogi or the Business Combination of hand is a significant aspect in the study of palmistry. If the mount of Mercury is developed in itself in the right hand and a bow marked line reaches the mount of Mercury from the mount of Moon and at the same time this line should not be broken or chained or should not be very thick, then it is considered as the Bud Yogi or the Business Combination of hand.

The Bud yogi or the business combination of hand is considered auspicious by the palmists. One who has the Bud Yogi, he gets success through business. He also becomes happy materially by his own efforts. He never lacks wealth or honour. Physically he is always strong. He has a robust appearance and at the same time has an impressive personality. He spreads his business abroad by his efforts. Such a person has the exceptional capacity to take quick decision and has a healthy mind. He is very clever and wise and destroys his enemies.

It is to be noted in this yogi that the person has a developed mount of Mercury. It should be reddish and should be on its own position. It should neither be out of the palm nor be it inclined toward the Sun.

Such individuals blessed the Bud Yogi or the Business combination of hand are auspicious and can make enormous s progress in the field of business only.