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The Sun is in Taurus generally from April 21 to May 21. Persons born on either of these two dates will have to confirm by reference to ephemeris, whether their sign is Taurus or not.

When the Sun is in Taurus, the native is sturdy, slow to engage in work, but when once engaged is persevering and plodding. The secret of success of these people is not so much the bright flashes of new ideas and ingenuity as persistent application and hard work. In temperament also they are like the bull, slow to be excited but once excited the emotions- whether of love or of hatred and vengeance- continue for long and they harbour the grudge even after they have taken their revenge.

They are very deep and what is in the back of their mind cannot be known even by their best friends. Consequently they can be very good diplomats. If they have a taste for agriculture, they can also succeed in that line.

They are also endowed with electrical and engineering abilities and , Taurus being and earthy sign, they will be successful in the manufacturing, mining and building lines. As this sign is ruled by Venus, some of the best poets and artists have bee born during this sign.

They have a preference for their personal comforts in matter of food, dress, bed etc. One of the characteristics of these people is that they like a thick padding and while an ordinary man would sleep on a hard bed they would like to have a cushioned and comfortable bed. In the matter of food also they are not sparing and are likely to gain weight more easily than the people born in other sun signs.

They are generally patient and persevering and of conservative ideas. Even in religious matters, they want the demonstration and proof, before they accept a particular creed. In matters of love they are jealous but generally stick to their partners more for the satisfaction of the physical craving than for idealistic love. They are very practical and good managers whether in their own house or outside.

They are likely to inherit money and property and gain from legacy, if such circumstances exist. They are good as employers as well as employees. As an employer they have due regard for the needs and convenience for their employees and servants.

The native has to take particular care of his health in the 11th, 23rd and 35th years of his age, The native’s eldest child, if a boy runs into some risk of illness or accident, and greater precautionary measures are advised in this respect.

The native will generally have a robust constitution but some disease of the liver, spine or kidney cannot be ruled out.

In the human body, Taurus rules the base of the brain, throat and shoulders and these parts- particularly the throat- are liable to ailments.

The domestic life has greater importance for the natives born when the Sun is in Taurus and they take care of financial security during old age. Consequently the middle and last portions of life are more comfortable than the first one third.

Native of thus sun sign would do better to marry persons born when the sun is in Taurus, Virgo or Capricon.