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Parvat Yog , according to the science of palmistry is known as the combination of Mountain. This Yog is considered as an important aspect of the subject of Yog in palmistry.

After a prolonged study the palmist have put forward several facts concerning the result of this Yog on an individual`s hand. One, who has this yog in hand, is found to be a self-made man. He achieves success from every field whatever he wants to chose in life. In the field education he achieves enormous success. He is found to have helped the poor, orphans and the sufferers during his youth . As the palmists have opined the individual having this yog is lascivious, in spite of having such good qualities. He has illegitimate relationship with many women besides his own wife. He achieves praise from the society and never lacks the material comforts.

Such individuals have the exceptional capability of administration. According to the palmistry if such a person tries, he can become a Sarpanch (village-headman) or a Municipal Commissioner or member of the District Board. Although such persons can not prove themselves as a successful politicians, they can hold the respectable position in the legislative Assemblies.