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The sun enters Virgo in or about 23rd August and stays in the sign till 23rd September. This is the sixth of the zodiac and is presided over by Mercury.

The natives born during this sun sign love justice but are moderately sympathetic to others. They are discriminating, analytical and critical. They are intellectual and practical. They have clarity in their thoughts and strong ratiocinatory powers. Mentally they are cool headed and even balanced, but when aroused, slow to anger and slow to cool down. But they are not vindictive. They are shy. But social intercourse, this shyness may wear out, in the course of time, but this streak remains imbedded in the texture of their psychological make up. They prefer to work quietly in seclusion.

They excel in all work in which analysis and critical faculty are required. They also do well in all occupations connected with higher sciences, mechanics, dietetics, nutriments, health and labour. They go into details and are industrious and devoted to their work and make good executives, organizers and directors. Virgo is an earthy sign if they have a liking for agriculture and horticulture, they can be successful in occupations connected with the land. They are also fond of collecting things as a hobby. They are good on the inventive side also and, due to ownership of the sign by Mercury, they have good histrionic abilities.

The health is generally not good in childhood but as years go by it gets strong. In old age, they are likely to have complaints of the bowels and weakness of the sympathetic nervous system, the abdomen and the liver, the gall bladder and the gall ducts.

The love life is not smooth. There are chances of the native having a second marriage- in societies, where this is prevalent. In countries, where love affairs are usual, if there is no second marriage, there may be a long standing attachment. Natives born during this sign have a tendency to fall in love at a comparatively young age, but the emotions are not enduring.

Travels bring good luck and addition to fortune. The natives are likely to travel much for business or pleasure. Success in occupation or service is achieved by these people and the person rides by dint of his personal efforts and merits but acquisition of wealth proves an uphill task. Though the struggle will be hard and many difficulties beset the path, their triumph, due to their intelligence and hard work.

Relatives and friends will not prove very helpful in his career and he has to lay the foundations of his career on his own initiative and pursue it with vigour  and determination. H will have secret enemies in his occupational and financial spheres and he should be very careful in his investments. Virgo natives have also a chance of one of their children having an accident.

The natives born during this sun sign would do well to marry persons born where the Sun is in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.