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The Sun is in Aquarius from January 20th to February 19th every year.

The native has a strong constitution, but he is liable to fall ill suddenly and such illnesses would effect the nervous system. If the native is born about sunrise, he may develop heart trouble. By nature these people are kind, humanitarian and benevolently inclined. These people have an alert mind and are keep to acquire more and more knowledge. They have strong intuitive and psychic powers, though in their day to day practical judgement they are not very sound.

These people have a strong will power and are hard working. They are fond of solitude and are patient and persevering in their efforts.

They have a mental poise and are generally equable in temperament. They make good physicians, scientists, lawyers or may do well on the bench. They have a very logical mind and would do well to be guided by their own intuition and reasoning than be guided by others in arriving at decisions.

The Aquarians are not so keep on building their bank balances, yet they do put by money, which they are inclined to use for the benefit of the public at large. They are home loving but have a strong desire to have a second house- such as country home. At times they like to settle at places far fro their place of birth.

The first seven years of life do not present a very good period from the point of health. This sign rules the ankles and the calves of the legs; also sympathetically the throat, the lungs, the heart and the nervous and the lymphatic system. They should take precaution in respect of the stomach and that there is proper elimination of the harmful ingredients from the body, otherwise they are likely to suffer from rheumatism or corruption of the blood. Diseases by infection have also to be avoided.

The Aquarians generally do not have very robust children. The women born during this sun sign have difficulty in child birth or connected with parturition.

The native will have a few brothers and sisters but they will not be very helpful in his career. The natives born during this sign are fond of traveling but one of these journeys will be the cause of financial reverses or loss in social position.

The love affairs have a strong intellectual and artistic bias and since the natives are very idealistic they have to be adaptable in their matrimonial relationship-even if they find that their partner does not come up to their standard. The marriage partner of the native would have an artistic temperament, but is likely to be a little proud and imperious.

These persons are religious and philosophical but they are not bigoted and see religion and philosophy as a manifestation of beauty and harmony and as a means of universal love and service to mankind.

Persons born during this sun sign may have very good relations with their servants and employees- but they should be careful that these do not put them to any financial harm.

These people would do well to marry persons born during the sun sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.