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The ancient scripture-writers and sages have acknowledged 20 types of legs and have divided them into 5 categories:
1. Excellent 2. Best 3. Good 4. Bad 5 Very Bad

1. Excellent:

Person whose leg’s are red as lotus, feet’s are soft, the nail color is like copper, the fingers are joint together, the upper side is as developed as a tortoise, nerves don’t show. Such legs don’t perspire, heels are beautiful and there is heat in the upper part.

Persons with such legs are Kings, luxurious, wealthy, talented, victorious, fortunate, long life, and Great person who live happily and all wishes come true.

2. Best:

The toes are long and joint together, nails are normally long and the skin is soft. Rest all qualities are of excellent type. Such people are diplomat, efficient workers, smart intelligence, and good advisers, literature lovers, successful, rich and love to travel

3. Good:

If the feet are fair or wheatish, nails wavy and light pink, wheatish or yellow, and the nerves are equally raised on them and there are lots of hair in the toes. Such people are hard-working, friendly, brave, far-sighted, scholar, interested in science and mathematics, literature writer, stress due to family tensions, and one who achieves fame and respect in a limited area. The fingers are bit joint and spread out

4. Bad:

The feet are a dusky with bit brownish ness, the skin is hard, dry and cold and the toes are broad, with hairs on them. The nails are flat, long or very broad and the legs perspire. The color of nails is either yellow or white. Such person is always lost in their family pride, lovers of luxuries, one who wishes to progress through hard work, passionate, and poor.

5. Very Bad:

The color of the leg is like dust and hell is fat and cracked. The skin is hard to touch and there are raised nerves on the upper part. Toes are crooked and with hairs, small nails, flat, the colors of nail with blackish ness or bluish ness. Such people are always sick, poor, one who stay away from home, illusionary, tempered, decisive, and one who live in bad company

According to scholars, the good-bad indications oh legs are as follows:

1. Fleshy feet like those of tortoise backs and without nerves are considered best

2. Feet that are pink like petals of rose, and soft are considered best

3. If the toes are met together, nails are beautiful, hells are fleshy and round is considered best

4. If the legs perspire, the bone of the ankle is out and the nerves are showing on the upper part of the feet, then this is a bad sign

5. Person whose feet color is yellow is lustful and pervert

6. A person whose toe nails are bluish or white and dry, then such person suffers lot of problems in his life

7. Person whose legs are bit raised from the middle travel a lot

8. Person whose leg is of the color of burned earth, they are sinners and violent by nature. Such people can even kill

9. Person who has no lines on his feet and are hard, cracked and dry, such people are unhappy

10. Person whose feet seems fleshless are sick

11. Person whose feet are raised a bit travel a lot

12. If the toe nails are spread out like a spatula, long, crooked and dusky, they are considered poor

13. If the line on the feet are simple, beautiful, clear, without flaws and go from the hell to the index toe, then such persons achieve highest luxurious

14. If there’s a circle like line on the feet, such person bears happened entire life

15. If there’s a flag, lotus, club, sword, shell, umbrella, bow, arrow, circle, snake, etc mark clearly on the leg, then this is fortunate. If these marks are unclear or gets cut by another line, then they give result later in life

Following is written about thumb in samudrik Tilak:

If the Thumb is like a Snake’s hood, round, developed and fleshy, then it’s considered best. If there are nerves showing on the thumb, its small or very big, crooked or flat, then it’s not good

The scholars believe about the thumb:

1. If the thumb is round, dusky nail, and with red ness, then such person achieves royal position (luxury)
2. People with flat, cracked and broken thumb are ridiculed
3. People with crooked, dry and extremely small thumb live a unpeaceful life with fights