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In normal terms, the front part of the head is known as forehead. There is description about the structure of the forehead and the lines found on the forehead in many scriptures. One can know about Intelligence, Knowledge, thoughts, courage, behavior etc from the forehead and its lines.

Nihswa bhisham bhalen dhukita jwar jarjarah.
Parkarm kara nityam prapyante wadh vandhanam.   

(Samudrik Shastra)

A person whose forehead is low, undeveloped, they suffer from heat in life and are engaged in low level works and do not achieve success and respect.

Lalatenaardh chandren bhavanti prithviswarah
Vipulen lalaten mahanarpatih smritah
Sheleshanen tu lalaten naro dharmarastatah.


A person whose forehead is half-moon shaped and is developed and spread out, such a person is owner of land and wealth, and is happy. If such a person forehead is smooth, then such a person takes interest in religious works.

  1. If while laughing, two straight line become evident between the eye-brows on the forehead of a person, then such a person has good qualities and is happy.
  2. A person whose forehead is low and the nerves are evident, then such a person is unhappy and a sinner.
  3. If there’s a mark of Trishul, club or a bow on the forehead of a person, then such a person likes women of high cadre.
  4. A person on whose forehead there’s mark like a tilak due to evident blues nerves and his forehead is shaped like a half-moon, then such a person is happy and rich.
  5. If there are no lines on the forhead of a person and its shape is dropping and smooth but these lines are evident during excitement, then such a person is extremely intelligent.
  6. If the forehead is low and rough, then such a person is violent natured and one who does cruel works. Such person is deprived of happiness and lives a struggling life
  7. A person whose forehead is as high as his nose, and twice broad as the length of the nose and his ear area is developed, such person are considered best.


 1. Sun                   Its Mark is a perfect circle with centre point. Its place is in the Right eye.

2. Moon                Its marks is a bow. Its place is in the Left eye.

3. Mars                 The mark with three branches is found on the upper part of the head.

4. Mercury            The mark of a slant line on a staright standing line is of Mercury. Its place is
                              On the face.

5. Jupiter              A mark resembling a two is of Jupiter. Its place is on the right ear.

6. Venus               If there’s a circle around the mark of dhan, then this is venus mark. Its place is
                             Between the eye-brows.

7. Saturn              Its mark resembles ekaar. Its place is on the left ear.


If examined in detail, it is observed that a small line in the area above the right eye is the Sun line. Similarly, the line above the left eye is known a s moon Line. Venus Line is between the eye-brows, and the one above the Nose is known as Mercury Line.

1. If there are branches in the Jupiter Line, then the person is a liar and mean.

2. If the Jupiter and mars line are broken in the middle, Then such a person always lacks money.

3. If the Mars and Saturn lines are broken, and Jupiter line is dropping downwards, then such      person is fortunate and wealthy.

4. If the Saturn and Jupiter lines are bow-shaped, then the person is mean natured.

5. If the Saturn line is deep and dropping, then the person is a murderer.

6. If the Saturn line is too long and deep, then such person has relation with another woman.

7. If the Saturn line is slant, the person becomes an addict.

8. If the Mars Line is wavy, the person is a murderer.

9. If there are four lines on the forehead, the person is of good character and intelligent.

10. If the Jupiter Line is wavy, then such a person is a miser.

11. If there are three straight, simple, clear lines on the forehead, such a person is fortunate.

12. If the Jupiter and Saturn Lines meet each-other, such person is hanged to death.

13. if there are many broken lines on someone’s forehead, then he is unfortunate and ill.

14. If the Saturn line is slant, person is an addict.

15. If the sun Line is short, Venus line is long, then such person is of good character, cunning        and fortunate.

16. If the Sun Line is bow-shaped, and Venus line cut from the middle, then such person is        polite, merry and rich.

17. If the Saturn and Jupiter line form a half-moon shape upwards, then such person is most        fortunate.

18. If there is only one wavy line on the forehead, then such person is strong.

19. If there’s a trishul mark between the eye-brows, then such person’s determination in life        fluctuates.

20. if the sun line is cut in the middle, then he is tempered, lustful and fights a lot.

21. If the Saturn Line is long, and the Mars line is wavy, then he is spiritual, Kind, and one who        lives in higher society.

22. If the Saturn and Jupiter Line is wavy, Then he is spoilt. If the wavy Jupiter Line reaches the        Saturn Line, then he loves to fight a lot.

23. If the Jupiter line is long and flexible, then such person is beautiful and fortunate.

24. If the mars line is dropping, and the Saturn line cuts from the right side, then such person is        proud, tempered, and one who has relation with other women.

25. If the Saturn and Jupiter line are bow-shaped, then such person is valiant.

26. Is the Saturn line is deep, and there are lots of hair between the eyebrows, then he is one       who is inclined to marry more than one and is wealthy.

27. If the Saturn line is thin, Jupiter line is thick and long, then such person is dangerous.


1. Write the effects of lines on the forehead.

2. Write the names of lines on the forehead.

3. What do you know about the  Saturn line on the forehead?

4. what is the effect of flawed Mercury and venus line on the forehead?

5. If there’s no line on the forehead, how is prediction done?



If the outer side of a women’s skin is rough, with wrinkles, flat, bit unhealthy, and hair part like of healthy women, then such women might live a widow’s life. This is not lucky even for Men.

If there are lot of hair, then this is symbol is poverty but lustful.

According to western thinkers, hair on women’s hand indicate that she is cruel and one who fights a lot. On Men’s hand, it indicates aggression

Hair on the thumb is considered good.

Hair behind the third phalange of the finger makes a man harsh and tough.

Behind the second and third phalange makes a man popular and liked by all.

Britain and Americans writers believe that hair on third phalange is symbol of harshness. “hard task master” has said, no hair at all on the front part, then such person is a coward and impotent.

Less and hair here and there symbolizes meanness and far-sightedness

One writer has said about a person with hair on the thumb that such person always discovers new things and along with parental qualities, he possess talent too.

Soft hair indicates feminine daintiness. Such men are involve in feminine works, dressing, and behaviour. They are emotional, Creative, and display love. Hair which is standing, rough and hard, such person is also hard, rough and heartless.

Person with lots of hair is learned and talented.

Hairless people are either rich, happy or face poverty

Khalvat kvachidapi daridroah

Hair on the shoulder on the body are different from hair on the head. If there are lots of hair in the armpit, then such person is unhappy.

Person with hair on the heart area are kind, person without hair are considered unhappy.


Human Body parts has been described the Ancient Indian Samudrik Shastra, A Palmist should also study the Samudrik Shastra. The Samudrik Knowledge helps in the prediction of future.

The Samdurik Shastra’s practical description is as follows :-

- A Person who rubs his hands together in state of uneasiness is Blank, Apathetic, and rich By nature.

- Hands that are bend at the elbow are Self-centered, show-offs, Troublesome and ones who keep ill-feelings for others.

- A mark of barley on the joint of the thumb is on the hands of intelligent and wealthy person.

- A person with more than five fingers is poor and one who pleads.

- A person with crooked back-hand and with nerves that shows up are poor.

- People with short neck are superior.

- Short neck is of people who complain a lot.

- A broad face is a sign of misfortune.

- A long neck is of people who eat a lot.

- Women-like faces are of men who don’t have children.

- People with small faces can be called misers.

- Pink lips are of talented people.

- Fat lips are of cheerful persons

- Long lips are of lustful persons.

- Small lips are of coward

- Dry, thin and ugly lips are of wealth-less sad person.

- Five lines on the forehead are of person who lives 100 years.

- Four lines indicate 80 years of life.

- Three Lines are indicate 70 years of life.

- Person with walk like that of peacock, cat or a lion are fortunate.

- Person with walk like that of a Goose, Elephant, Buffalo are always engaged in spiritual etc    works.

- Person with walks like that of wolf, camel or rabbit often lose their respect in the society

Practice questions

1. What’s the effect of having too much hair on the body?

2. Write about the favorable marks found on the body.

3. What happens when the eyebrows are joined together?

Chapter 4

4. The importance of hand symptons

Ange hasteh prasshtoyam shirshaadpi vishishyate
Sadhyante paadshauchadha dharmikyo yeh satkriya

In the study of the body, the entire bodily indications are studied, but the hands indications are more important than the body ones, because the humans performs all actions with hands.

Sarvadglakshanprekshavyakulaanam Nrunam mudey

Humans are curious by nature. Hence he wants to study all indications. To satisfy this knowledge hunger of human, Shree Samudra published the Samudrik Shastra and Palmisty for the welfare of humans.