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One can know about Wealth, Money, Luxury, Respect, Temptation, Spending nature, Intelligence capacity etc from the Sun line on the forehead.

Long and Flawless Sun line is considered Lucky. In Face-reading science, One can know about Money, Wealth, luxury, temptation, Spending Nature, Intelligence capacity etc in a person’s life by examining the Sun Line. This line is found above the eyebrow of the right eye. Sometimes due to its long length, it meets the moon line and sometimes due to short length is far from Moon Line.

1. If the Sun line is clear and complete, then such a person is wealthy and intelligent. If the Sun line is flawed, broken, then the greed increases in a person, he becomes greedy and selfish. In case of absence of this line, a person doesn’t have wealth and luxury.

2. If the sun line is curved, then such a person is clear and straight speaker, and does his work after much thinking and also attains success in work.

3. If the Sun line is flawed or with breaks, then such a person is a miser and it also affects the intellectual capacity of a person.

4. If on  a person’s forehead there are many half-moon shaped lines in the Saturn Area, also if the Jupiter and Mars Lines are wavy, then such a person will be unhappy, scared, tensed, and bubbly by heart. Such a person should be careful with water because of the moon-shaped lines in the Saturn area, they are prone to dangers due to water.

5. If the Saturn line is broken in the lower part and is straight, There’s an bow-shaped mark on the left side of Jupiter Line, Mars Line is with branches, Sun Line is wavy, Venus line is deep on the upper part and broken in middle, then such a person is talented, learned, Charitable, Religious, Preacher, Glorious and loves to travel.

6. If the Saturn Line is deep, Jupiter line is short, Mars line is deep and thin, Sun line is dropping and gets cut by two lines, Then such a person is lustful, tempered, loves violence and fights, and gets hurt by weapon.

5. Moon line

One can know about imagination, power of thoughts, travel, Love, Intellectual restlessness, etc from the Moon line found on the Forehead of a person.

1. If the moon line is good and complete, then the person is imaginative, Creative, loves travelling and intellectually flexible.

2. A Flawed and broken Moon Line affects a person intelligence and makes him mentally-retarded. A broken Moon Line makes a person liar and there are obstacles in travels

3. If the Moon Line is missing on the forehead and there happens to be just one Line on the forehead and it is wavy, then such a person loves travelling a lot. Such a person doesn’t have a good nature and also might try to resort to undesirable ways

4. A Clear and curved moon line Develops good thoughts and there are lots of travels. Such a person’s thinking power is good and has a love-filled nature.

5. If the Moon Line is missing on the forehead, and there happen to be many other short lines, then such a person has both good and bad thoughts but they don’t live long.

6. Venus Line

One can know about Spouse, Wellness, Happiness, True Love, Married life, Attraction towards opposite sex,  etc from the Venus Line found on the forehead of a person.

1. If the Venus Line is without breaks and clear, then such a person attains happiness from spouse. Such person are masters of Good Love. And their married life is also good.

2. If the Venus Line is Flawed or with breaks, thens such person’s married life isn’t good and he displays fake Love.

3. If there are four Lines on the forehead and Saturn and Venus Lines get cut by another small line, Then such a person is intelligent, with true character and simple.

4. If there are many small lines going towards the Moon Line from the Venus Line, then such person’s financial condition is weak and he might have to take debt.

7. Mercury Line

One can know about Knowledge, Sound, wit, Logic capacity, Intelligence, Decisiveness, knowledge of right and wrong, Mathematics etc from the Mercury Line found on the forehead of a person.

1. If the mercury line is flawless and clear, then such a person is friend to many others. If this line is broken, then he has to face sorrows. A good mercury line develops Knowledge of right and wrong, Logic reasoning and wit in a person.

2. Flawed or Broken Mercury line develops feeling of argument and failure in Mathematics.

3. If the Mercury Line is clear, Thick and Moon-shaped from downwards, then such person has perfection is speech, Knowledge and gets glory.

4. If there are many lines in the Mercury Line area, Then such a person loses respect due to talking too much and stays unhappy.

5. If there’s a wavy Line on the forehead, and there are more than two standing lines in the Mercury Line area, then such a person is a good speaker and one who stays among women a lot.