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The index or the first finger has great effect on human life, this finger maintains relation with the Brahma Sansar (Outer world), we call it Sambodhan Kriya (Action of relating). If the index finger is slanted inwards, then it should be understand that that the person has little attachment to the outer world. This is finger is bit longer in woman as compared to men. The reason for this is that they address the outer world more. If the finger is small, then the person isn’t able to solve the obstacles faced in worldly matters efficiently. He faces obstacles one after the other at regular intervals. The index finger is related to the pitashay, tilli and the lungs. If this finger is inclined towards the middle finger and the nail of this finger yellow, then there is some problem in the lungs etc.such person might be more into drinking alcohol

Effect of the Middle Finger

The middle finger is the longest finger on the hand and it represents the personality. If its of normal length and square from the above, then the person have more logical sense and commences his work with a sense of discipline and routine.If its crooked then the brains isn’t much developed. If its too long, a person is more interested in poetries and artistry. For an harmony and balance between the body and mental qualities, it is necessary for this finger to be long from the index and the ring finger.It isn’t considered good for this finger to be pointed. This makes a person extremely bubbly, cheap and incapable of doing some serious work for the society.

If the Line with this line is small, Venus mount is risen, this makes a person careless and incautious. If the first joint of this finger is long, then the fate doesn’t support the person and his financial condition is weak. With the second joint, one becomes a struggler with obstacles. If there is no joint, then person is of high thinking and respected.

The name of the middle finger is also Saturn finger. The three signs, Capricorn, kumbh and pisces reside on its three phalange. If the joints are strong and long, then the person is good at mathematics. If the middle finger is very strong and long, and the Saturn line is risen, then the person doesn’t has tolerance. If the middle finger is crooked, then the person is fearful and always sick. If the front part of the middle finger is broad, then the person is prideful. Such people think a lot before starting anything and pay attention to all details and other factors before starting any business, trade etc. he doesn’t start any work suddenly without thinking wisely about it.

The Saturn rules the Earth. Hence People working in mines, Farmers, Land brokers, Gardeners have good middle fingers and their second phalange is longer than the other two. According to porvatya rituals, If the first phalange of the middle finger is long, then the person is superstitious, and always remains sad and upset. If the second phalange is long, then the person is more interested in agriculture and machineries. If the second phalange is long, smooth and clean, then the person is interested in black magic, yoga, medical treatments. If the Third phalange is long, then the person is respected and famous in society
The effect of the ring finger

It’s the finger of the Sun mount. The three signs Cancer, Leo and Virgo reside in the three phalange. This finger wears Gold and while putting Tilak on a guest’s forehead, first this finger is used to apply a dot (bindu). This finger is directly related to mind’s sub-conscious and personal life. If this finger is equal to the index finger and straight, then we can expect that the person’s personality has balance with life’s affairs.

If the ring finger is crooked, then the person faces troubles, depression, deceits, and wrong exploitations. Life becomes difficult and seems resigned due to being cheated many times. This finger has A good Mental state of awareness which goes hand-in-hand with life’s forces. Business hand’s finger gives a person a creative interest. This finger maintains a harmony between the mental and physical relations.

If the ring finger is very long, there are chances of “yen ken upayen” Dhanoparjan. They are always involved in gambling. They will be interested in gambling, lottery etc. and if the ring finger is extremely long, then he wont be able to stay without gambling inspite of knowing that “gamble is son if greed, Brother of bad-conduct, and father of sins”. They also lose their temper very easily and may start cursing. This is true only if the Mars mount is risen too, else not.

Effect of the Little finger

This finger is of the Jupiter Mount and related to that line.

34) If the ring finer and the little finger are of equal length, then the person is a good speaker and is capable of expressing his views effectively on stage.

35) If its tip reaches the top line of the ring finger, then the person is scientific-minded and a scholar.

36) If it’s long, then the person rises above the ordinary and achieves his share of fame. Porvatya Padatti has considered it as lucky.

37) If the little finger is pointed, then the person loves humor and laughs and also likes to share jokes.

38) The first phalange of little finger gets cunningness in speeches and such person impresses his listeners

39) If the first phalange is flexible, and line clear and the first joint firm, then the person will have trade, business and will make it progress by hard work

40) Long little finger symbolizes intelligence but one thing should be kept in mind that head Line isn’t going towards the Moon mount else this will make the person a cheat, Spoilt and a liar.

41) If the length of the ring and little finger is the same then the person will be a good philosopher and a bit more long will clear all a person’s life problems.

42) If the Little finger is crooked, then the will bear good qualities but he wont be able to take benefit of the opportunities. If the little finger is pointed and crooked, Agusht and head-line are fine then he will only accept one principle that not to trust anyone.

43) If this finger is extremely pointed, then he can trap anyone. If its pointed part is bit square, then the person can be a good teacher.

44) If the next part is round and flat, then the person can do business arrangements in most efficient manner.

45) If the entire part of the finger is well-shaped and the upper part is squared, then the person has imaginative and scientific thinking.

46) If the front part of the finger is squared and the first phalange is long, then he’s a learned scholar of life facts, impressing people with his speech, and one who wear good clothes.

47) If its pointed from the third phalange to the first phalange, then he loves secret forbidden knowledges

Kanishthayadi Dhirgasyadurdwarekha samashrita
Vyavsayattato laaho yashastasya mahojwalam

If someone’s little finger is longer than the ring finger and is with Udrav lines, then the person benefits in business. Such persons are extremely famous and successful

Names of Index, Middle, ring and Little finger

Index: Pradeshani, tarjani, Shatruha, Adhya, Gyaweshni etc

Middle: Jyeshtha, Madhya, Madhyama, Laxmi, Saubhagyawati

Ring: Savitri, Gauri, Bhagwati, Shiva

Little: Kaninika, Kanishtha, Antya, lagutara and Kanchni

Names of the fingers

Adh Karshakam Syuaradhgulayam karpallavaam
Tripuraam karjaambashcha maayam karmayuda mataam

Fingers are also known by eight names which are as follows: - Anguli, Karshaka, Karpallav, Tripura, karja, Karamba, Maya, karmayuda etc

Colors of the fingers

The colors of the fingers have be known as five: Brown, Red, yellow, White and black

Caste division of fingers

Brahmanaam Shatyiya Vaishyaam Sudhram Syuaam karpallavam
Kaninikaadha Hansyopi yogvaan varnvargitham

Index finger is sudra, Middle finger is vaishya, Ring finger is shatriya and little finger is Brahmin. The thumb has been considered Yogi and not put in any caste

Smell of Fingers

Index finger is related to foul smell, Thumb is related to fragrance and middle finger is without smell

Spaces between the fingers

Tarjanimadhyamarandhre madhymanamikantare
Anamikakanistantaam didre sati yathakramam
Janamtaam prathmeshhye vaa dritye cha trityeke
Bhojnavasre dhukam kepyahunaam shrimtaampi

If there is space between the index and middle finger, then even the most wealthy man faces troubles while eating food even in youth

If there’s spacing between the middle and ring finger , then till the middle age (30 to 50 years) and if there’s spacing between the ring and the little finger then till the old age the above result is faced, as believed by scholars

Length of the fingers

Anamikaantyerekhayaam Kanishta syadhadhadika
Dhanvrudhistadha punshaam matrupaksho bahustattha

If the little finger is above the last phalange of the ring finger, then the person progresses day by day. Such person’s mother side is also strong

Madhyamaprantrekhaya adhika yadi tarjani
Prachurstu pituam Shriyashch vipdoonyatha

If the index finger reaches above the last phalange of the middle finger, then such person achieves wealth and their father’s side is strong. If the index finger is lower than the third phalange of the middle finger, then it isn’t considered lucky

Angushtsyanggulinaam cha yadunadhikna bhavet
Dhanerdhanyestada heeno naram syadayashaapi cha

If the fingers are extremely short or longer compared to the thumb, then the people has short life and without wealth

Madhyamayaam tu dheergayaam bharyahaanirvinirdhishet
Anamikayaam dhirjayaam vidyabhogi bhavennram

If the middle finger is abnormally long, then the man doesn’t get a woman. He might marry many times. If the ring finger is long, then the person is intelligent and interested in studies.

Age from fingers

Anamikaparv yada bildhgate kaninika varshshatam sa jivati
Navtyashitirvigame cha satpatim samaanbhave khalu shastijivitam

If the little finger is longer than the third phalange of ring finger, then the person lives long

The little finger going beyonf the ring finger, then the age judgement should be 100, 90, 80, 70 and 60 etc

Panchbhirdhasavasrshanityavem nirnyamayushi
Lalate shatvarshani rekhapanchkato vadet

The lines on the forehead as done with little finger can also make the age judgment.

If there are clear five lines on the forehead, then the person lives 100 years.
Here the age should be understood by measurement

Loops on the fingers

Mayasu dashbishchakrem raja yogishvaroothava
Dashbhimah shuktibhimah sarvavasthasu bahudukhda

If there are loops in all the fingers of hand, then the person is either a King or a Yogi.

It is believed that if involved in worldly matters, even then he’ll achieve great positions, and even if he becomes a monk, then too will becomes the highest level one. If there’s shell mark on all ten fingers, then the person will be a failure and wealthless. But this wont be applicable if there are other success signs.

Practice Questions

1. Write about index finger

2. How can age be known by fingers.

3. Write the result due to the mark of shell and loops.

4. What kind of fingers are found on a rajyog hand.