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1. If while laughing, the teeth don’t comes out, those people are considered best.

2. A person who holds the head or shoulder while laughing, he is indulgent or a sinner.

3. A person who laughs with eyes closed are atheist.

4. A person who always keeps smiling, he always keeps progressing.

5. A woman whose teeth don’t show while laughing and mouth doesn’t open completely is      considered fortunate.

6. If a woman shivers a lot while laughing or laughs very hard, she is a flirt and keeps relations     with other men.

7. A woman who gets dimple while laughing is one who wished for relation with other men.

Practice questions

1. Write types of Good Lips

2. Write about person with small neck

3. What are the qualities about nose like a parrot

4. Write about scattered teeth.

Chapter Eight

8. Female Native

Females have been classified mainly into 21 types, which have been described briefly as under:

1. Padmini:

Such woman is kind and loving, one who impresses heart, with walk like a goose, and one who serve parents. Their body gives fragrance like lotus’s. they are beautiful, impressive and one who serves their husband. Their nose, ears and lips are small. Their neck is like shell and face is like lotus. They are fortunate, bearing less children and loyal to husband.

2. Chitrani:

Such women are loyal to their husbands and love everyone. There are interested in make-up and other accessories. They don’t do much work but are intelligent. Their head is round and eyes are soft. their walk is like that of an elephant and voice is like a peacock. Such woman has dainty body-parts and is shy. Such woman keeps their husbands happy by dance, love and beauty.

3. Hastini:

They are opposite of man and they have special desire of indulgence. Their body is fat and are bit lazy. They don’t have much shyness, religion etc. Their lips, Nose, ears and neck are fat. Their eyes are small and yellow. Lips are fat and long. They aren’t satisfied with their husbands and are interested in developing relations with other men.

4. Shankini:

They are tall and their steps make noise while they walk. They walk moving their hips. Their eyes are crooked and body is without shape. They have high temper and are always have feeling if indulgence. Their heart is mean and are interested in drugs, alcohol etc. they are characterless and into relation with other men.

5. Siyani:

They are of simple nature and coward. Such women are easy to laugh and shy. Their talks are soft and have all qualities to impress their husbands

6. Metrayani:

There are beautiful, with good looks, fair, one who work with all expressions but their husbands are mean or weak. Due to thie, their married life isn’t happy, every man get attracted to them because of their good looks. They stay away from men.

7. Kalahkaarni:

Their eyebrows are always raised up. Their teeth are uneven and their body is like that of a buffalo. Dust rise a lot when they walk. They are the one who keep hatred feeling and kill their husbands by deceit.. they believe their cunning in developing relation with other men.

8. Gruhasthini:

Such women are the one who maintain their household idly and are always involved in their husbands. They don’t talk much and don’t cheat anyone. They don’t love other man, neither are involved into too much into decorating herself. She makes both her families proud by staying away from bad actions

9. Aatura:

Such woman believes in doing any work quickly. They are average looking women who loves their husbands and sometimes fight a lot with their husbands. Its very difficult to understand this woman.

10. Bhayatura:

She is fair, dainty, extremely shy and scared of small things. She never stays alone. She loves everyone, one who speaks sweetly and one who fulfils her duty

11. Dakini:

She talks laughingly and extremely cunning in cheating. Her eyes are red. She shows lots of love from the outside, but internally she is greedy and cheat. Her husband is always unhappy because of her ill-fame

12. Hansini:

She is happy and matured. Her walk is impressive like that of a goose. She always speaks the truth and is beautiful like a rati. She is the one who always involves in sweet communication. Only fortunate men gain such woman.

13. Bahubanshini:

Such women are wheatish and completely fulfill their married duty. They don’t lie and are happy serving their husbands. They gain respect in the society.

14. Krupani:

Such women are shameless, weak bodied and misers. They are ill famed in small ways and aren’t ashamed of talking anything in front of anyone. They are ready to lose virtue with any other man for money of indulgence

15. Ghatini:

Such woman is cunning and expert in cheating others. She expresses love as show-off, but her heart if filled with venom. They cheat efficiently and lie a lot.

16. Premini:

They are beautiful, who stick to their love and loved by husband. They always keep on smiling and a person who helps them; they are ready to give him everything. They hair are long, beautiful and face is attractive.

17. Khusatanvi:

Such woman is thin and with bad temper. She thinks herself as intelligent and when she talks, her body shivers.

18. Madmastini:

She isn’t arrogant and is lusty. The man always faces defeat. They never give up. They are extremely lustful and end up becoming like prostitues. They don’t like sitting in one place.

19. Kulachedini:

wherever this woman marries, he ruins this family. She loves sins. She cheats her husband at every point. They don’t care about anyone’s respect, be it her mother, father, brother, in-laws and are almost characterless.

20. Naarki:

Such woman have small eyes and are all involved in sins. They love making people fight. Such woman are cheats and liars.

21. Swargini:

Such a woman is of high thoughts, one who follow duty and who one who behaves sweetly with everyone. They have immense faith in God. She respects everyone, be it elders or younger. Their talks are sweet. They have respect in the society. Such women respect their husbands more than God

The kind of women described above, apart from them there is Manani, Dharika, Dhusta, Paatki etc. Total types are 64, from which the above 21 are main.