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Before the root of the fingers till the wrist-line is known as the length of the palm and the are from the root of the thumb to the other end is known as the breadth of the palm. All the marks within these areas are very important to a palmist.

1. Extremely broad palm:

Such people normally are very unstable. Their identity is that their palms are more broad than long. Bearers of such palms can’t take quick decisions and think a lot before doing any work.
They don’t have a organized form of any work in their life. They take more than one work at hand at the same time and are not able to complete any of them properly, because of which they get depressed. Normally such people are failures in life.

2. Narrow Palm:

Such person is normally weak by nature. They give their importance to their own selfishness. If in fulfilling their selfish means, someone else gets hurt, they won’t care. Its isn’t advisable to easily trust such people

3. Square Palm:

A person whose palm’s breadth and length is the same are healthy, stable, calm and determined. Such people are known as Hard-workers. Whatever they become or achieve in life, its all due to their efforts. They have determination in their nature.

4. Broad Palm:

Person with broad palm are of good character and strong heart. There’s no difference between their talks and actions. And once if they say something, they stick to that. And if they promise someone about something, they try to keep that promise.

5. Hard Palm:

Such people’s life is rough and hard. They are hard even in love aspects. And they take love too like a war. If the hands are very tough, then normally such person is a labor. Such person gives his work most importance. They don’t get depressed when some obstacles some, in fact they continue their work
While examining the type of hands, the age should be taken into consideration. The hands are less tough during youth, but the same person’s hands get tough during old age. In other words, age shouldn’t be ignored while studying hands but normally people with tough hands arents intellectuals and earn their living by hard-work.

6. Types of hands:

The types of hands are also important for future predictions. It is required of a palmist that when he touches a person’s hand for reading, he analysis what type of hand it is.

7. Extremely hard hand:

Such hand reflects zero intelligence and exploitation. Such persons feel happy by seeing others unhappy and are extremely selfish. Such hands belong to criminals.
The same is seen in the hands of Assassins and professional killers.

8. Soft Hands:

People with such hands are imaginative. There’s a special kind of flexibility and softness in their nature and their life is according to this. They are ever-ready to help anybody. Such hands mostly belong to women. If a man possesses such hand, then he possesses some feminine traits.

9. Loose soft hand:

 If a hand is soft but extremely loose, then such a person is lazy, useless and extremely selfish. Mostly such persons don’t possess kindness. Such hands belong to criminals. Such people are active in bad and anti-social works. Such persons are heartless, cheaters and guile by nature.

Places of all holy places in hands

Shatrunjayastu tarajanyam madhyamaayam jayantakam
Arbudham khalu saavitrayam kanishthayam sayamamtakam

There’s place of Shatrunjay in the index finger, Jayantak in the middle finger, Arbudh in the Ring finger, and sayamamtak in the little finger.

Adhagushteshtapadgirim panchtirthanyunukramaant
Swahasthdarshanenaive vandante praatruttameh

Kailash in the thumb and othe five holp places have place in the fingers chronologically. This is the reason that a person who sees his hands early in the morning, he sees all the Gods and holy places.

Indications of women’s hands

Andaghkusham kundalam chakram yasyaam paanitale bhavate
Putram prasuyate naari narendram labte patima

 A woman who has a dot, ring or circle mark on her hand, her husband is a king. She becomes mother of many sons and is happy.

Yasyaam paanitale rekha prasadchatratoranam
Api daaskule jaata raajpatni bhavishyati
Mandiram kundalam chaiv dhwajchakrasaraovaram
Yasyaam karatle chatram sa naari raajsurabhvat

If there’s a mark of palace, umbrella in woman’s hands, then she becomes a queen inspite of being born in a servant family.

If there’s a mark of temple, ring, flag, circle, umbrella or lake in a woman’s hands, she becomes a queen-mother, in other words her son becomes a king.

Yasyaam karatle rekha mayuram chatramikshyate
Raakpatnityamaapnoti putreshcha sah vardhate
Padmam maladghakusham chatram nandavarttah pradakshinam
Paanipade bhavedwasaam raajo bojyatra sa suta
Angulyaam sanhatha yasya nassam padmadalopamam
Mruduhasththala kanya sa nitya sukhmedte

If there’s a peacock, umbrella mark on a woman’s hands, she becomes a queen and bears sons

If there’s a lotus, necklace, dot, umbrella, swastika, South-facing shell mark on a woman’s hand or leg, then such a woman is a king’s wife.

A woman’s whose fingers bonded together, are red and soft like lotus leaves, palms are soft, then such woman is always happy and progresses with each day.


A) A person whose fingers, index to the end, of the feet rise up while walking, she becomes the reason of her husband’s misfortune. It is believed that she becomes widow many times.

B) If there’s one finger missing in the feet, then such a woman fights a lot.

C) If the thumb of the feet is small, round, crooked and flat and is always red, then such a woman symbolizes ill-luck

D) A woman’s whose fingers of the feet are red and soft like lotus, they always are happy

Aayurekhabartrurekha swashru syaddhanrekhaya
Swasuri gotrarekhayam strinaam dakhsinhasthath

Husband should be contemplated from the Life-line of the woman’s right hand. Mother-in-law should be contemplated from the money-line.

The father-in-law should be contemplated from the inheritance-line on the right hand of the woman.

Dharamrekha dharamkari vaamrekhasu godhanam
Ratnakararaadvaamhaste daassaukhyatrachatushapadam

The Religion (duty) can be contemplated by the dharma line (Line of the sun mount) on the left hand of women

If there’s a necklace of rope mark on the right hand of the woman, then she has ample of cattle assets.

The servants etc can be contemplated by the left wrist lines

Practice questions

1. Whats the characteristics of a hard hand?

2. Describe about the indications of a woman’s hand.

3. Write about fortunate hand.

4. Write about the importance of indications of hands