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Gourishankar Rudraksha

Good for bringing harmony in all kind of relationship weather family relationship or relationship around the friend and people in society or working places. Peace and pleasure of family are tremendously increased. Wearing this rudraksha removes planetary obstacle in the person who has difficulty in marriage or search for life partner. Wearing this rudraksha maintains the yin and yang energy within the person.Wearing these rudraksha has been found very good for careers involving dealings with people, such as psychology, sales and public relations.

Diseases like sexual problems, impotence and behavioral disorders are removed.
Mantra : Om Namaha Shivaya

Sixteen Face Rudraksha

Sixteen faces is used for multi-dimensional purposes. In ancient religious texts, saints and sages have been advised to wear sixteen mukhi Rudraksha beads for enveloping the wearer with positive energy, harmonious body function, peace of mind and prosperity. It has positive hypnotic properties so its good for attracting love and affection and appraisal from the people around the wearer according to the RudrakshaJabalopanishad. It has also been stated that fire, theft or robbery never touches the wearer as well as his/her Properties. In all kind of jobs, legal problems etc victories always follow the wearer. From the experiences that has been received from various wearers, sixteen faces is good for the following conditions as well:
To win Legal problems
To improve the chance of conception for the ladies
To destroy the evil thoughts of enemies.
Mantra : Om Namaha Shivaya

Seventeen Face Rudraksha

Seventeen faces Rudraksha removes negativity and attract all success in life such as day to day life, love life, family life so wearer growth will be tremendous in all aspects of life. According to the scripture, wearing this bead Kundalini can be awakened.Experiences retrieved from the people who are wearing this rudraksha find this a best remedy for : Gaining unexpected money, attaining property, vehicles and all material assets. Circulation of high energies thus good for loss of energy, inability to do hard work or laziness. Provide strong power to speed up love, marriage and relationship with longevity. Help to relax and improve concentration.
Mantra : Om Namaha Shivaya

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