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Six Face

Characterized with the quality of Love, attraction, relating and creativity will start building within the wearer. It works on emotional traumas and affects understanding and appreciation of love and personal relationships. Brings comfort and attraction to opposite sex .It teaches us how to love and appreciate others. So those wearing it will find themselves a well-known person within the society. A Six face rules over art and artistic sense and indicates inclination towards music, arts, humorous literature, theater etc. Good in the prevention of eyes, nose, throat, sexual organs, kidneys, and bladder related diseases.
Ruling Planet : Venus
Mantra : Om Namaha Shivaya

Seven Face

Seven faces embody the seven characteristic of pleasure, peace, success, cheerfulness, simplicity, easiness, happiness. Those who are suffering from miseries pertaining to body , finance and mental set-up should wear it. By wearing seven face Rudraksha one can progress in business and service and spend his life happily. It will help to stabilize the Saturn planet to its proper position leading the person with fame, success, honor, justice, love, wisdom, authority and long life. Good for preventing cold, cough, bronchitis, rheumatism, TB, pyorrhea.
Ruling Planet : Saturn
Mantra : Om Namaha Shivaya

Eight Face

Eight faces rudraksha have the energies for success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. Eight face is a vital instrument in strengthening one's will power and converting even an enemy into a friend. It uses before new work/venture to bring good fortune in work and businesses or services is well influential. It is also the demolisher of arrogance, egoism and pride when adorned. Those people having mental troubles, insomnia as well as having habits of excessive expenditure finds eight faces the best remedy for the solutions of their problems. Diseases of stomach are prevented by wearing this Rudraksha.
Ruling Planet : Rahu
Mantra : Om Namaha Shivaya

Nine Face

Energies from Nine faces manifests when evil forces threatened the very existence of balanced health of the wearer. Wearing it stimulates the nine hormones within the body. It improves will-power, body strength, invokes fearlessness, dynamism leading to a balanced healthy life. Those who are prone to fatal diseases of a mysterious nature will be benefited by use of nine faces. Nine mukhi beads will help to destroy sins, injustice, irreligion, cruelty, laziness and evil habits. Recommended for all kinds of diseases.
Ruling Planet : Ketu
Mantra : Om Namaha Shivaya

Ten Face

According to the Srimad Devibhagawatam, worshiping or using on the body it help as the protector and preserver from the enemies. It is good for those who seek removal of sins arising from past karmic action. It calms the nerves, quiets the mind, and relieves depression. This rudraksha is recommended for almost everyone: as it counters the negative influences of Maya (illusion). It increases focus on spiritual goals for those who are doing yogic practices. Ten faces is revered throughout the ages for its great beauty and strength, and also for its use in gaining positive spiritual and physical influences.
No Ruling Planets
Mantra : Om Namaha Shivaya

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